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    I don't always offer solutions but when I do....
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    R5 3600
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    Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
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    16GB Corsair vengeance lpx
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    MSI GTX 1660Ti Armour OC
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    Something with bad airflow
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    512GB Intel 660P
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    Asus 1440p Unknown model
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    EK Fluid gaming kit with 2 240mm Rads
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    K65 LUX RGB
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    Logitec G502
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    Generic speaakers
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Thinkpad E14

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  1. Silly me has already purchased 3 layer two switches that I really don't want to have to sell. so the router option would be best for me, unfortunately I'm on a budget and don't know if it would stretch to a negate appliance that could handle the gigabit line
  2. I'll look into it but I think the owners of the building would prefer a proper router from a recognisable brand.(Not that a pfsense box wouldn't be proper lmao)
  3. Currently 30 but this may increase to 60, all using basic broadband routers at the end to separate networks
  4. Hey Guys I'm setting up a shared broadband system using a gigabit line and need a router that can limit trraffic per client by specific values and still run at gigabit speed. I currently have a UDM Pro 4 nit that dosen't seem to have the traffic shaping for anything other than wireless clients. Any suggestions?
  5. I think that's just the kind of thing I should have expected when buying a leaking graphics card on ebay and installing a custom cooler with no support for it
  6. and that fixed it, half of the coil whine is also gone now somehow. all that's left is to get better adhesive for the VRM heatsinks as one has just fallen off...
  7. Yes very strange, I do apepear to be stuck with no gpu boost and any gpu overclocking software crashes the system but I'm making progress at least lmao
  8. Did'nt get aroung to this but I have reseated the new cooler and It seems it was a mounting pressure issue maybe as I'm now runnig fine, other than the loudest coil whine ove ever heard but considering it probably had water on it at somepoint I can use headphones!
  9. Hi Guys I've just got an RTX2080 super that had a faulty cooler which i have replaced with a MORPHEUS II, however I can get the gpu to power up but when the driver is installed display signal is lost and the fans go to 100% on the card. when I rdp onto the machine from my phone i can see a Code 31 error in edvice manager and I have no clue what that reammy means. I have tried DDU and clean install from the nvidia site but i'm struggling at this point. Anyone got any ideas? the card is a Auros waterforce 2080 super MOBO B450 Aurous elite CPU- R5 3600 PSU- CX 750M
  10. Looks pretty good to me, I would suggest finding an ATX motherboard though. It's not essensial but it will look a bitt better in the case and lave more room for expansion
  11. I actually got there myself, turns out there is multiple places to adjust dram voltage in the gigabyte bios, stable at 3000Mhz which is good enough for me
  12. Havent had a chance to try that yet as i have a radiator in the way
  13. yes the voltage does change to 1.35 which is the rated voltage Ram is on the correct slots. starting to wish I had got the ryzen optimized kit for an extra tenner lmao