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  1. SirReno

    Upgrade required?

    I would go for the i7, just cause if you get the z97 and OC you might still have bottleneck, increasing to 32 wouldnt be a large improvement since for videogames what matters is the VRAM, unless you are playing something extremely heavy, Thats my opinion but im not a pro, PD: Woah
  2. Its a MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G model, dunno what a cmos reset is , and i havent tried the ssd on a different system
  3. SirReno


    so you replaced the old one with the new one? or you just add it?
  4. So i had an issue when i wanted to boot manjaro which is on my ssd, when i tried booting after OS updates (manjaro & linux), i came to "invalid signature detected check secure boot policy in setup", after trying to solve it, it stopped detecting my ssd, then i return to default settings and still it doesnt detect my ssd, what should i do? woah
  5. i would buy a raspberry pi and connect some storage to it hahaha, By getting better parts you will increase the speed of it, but depends on the files tbh, if you are going to be uploading txt files, then i dont think you need something powerful, if you want to have fast access to this home server, i think you should worry more about the network card
  6. SirReno

    Ways to retrieve an NCIX Invoice

    bad thing is, if they get too special about it, you can see what type of compression the image went through and they will see it was through photoshop, tho it might be worth a try
  7. SirReno

    SD Card refuses to reformat, and data doesn't delete

    Yeap, there is little to no action you can do here and probably if you try to do more stuff with it, you will eventually make the damage grow. good thing you dont care about that info tbh
  8. SirReno


    quick stupid question, do you have your hdmi connected to the motherboard or the graphics card?
  9. SirReno

    Are my temps okay?

    yeah i know it doesnt improve a lot, but ive seen some pcs that only by having good cable managment they were able to drop some 10-15 degrees, so yeah, it depends on how badly your cables are managed
  10. SirReno

    Are my temps okay?

    Or change cable managment to get a better airflow
  11. SirReno

    What SSD should i get for boot?

    Thanks, i just edited the psot, 150$ ish is my budget, i want only info tbh, that ssd looks fine tho the 250gb option sounds good aswell
  12. SirReno

    What games do you play during weekend?

    Alright, ill have a look at it,
  13. SirReno

    What games do you play during weekend?

    never heard of it until now, is it free? :v?
  14. i have a Gigabyte ab350 gaming 3, and i want to add a SSD but only for booting windows, what can you recommend and why? budget: 150$ tops if posible, unless for a little extra i get a really good benefit