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Hi Guys Hope your well :)

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  1. Hello, today I made a stupid mistake and accidentally got a tiny strand of thermal paste on the cpu pins. The paste is only at the bottom where the little solder thing is on the Ryzen 5 3600 cpu so it doesn’t affect the pins fitting flush in the socket. Could this effect the cpu ? Thanks
  2. Hello , I have a evga 600w psu 80 + and I was wondering if cables can run across the motherboard as I can’t fit the cpu cable in the top left hole of my case. Also my psu cables have a mesh around the cables with yellow and all sorts of coloured cables , are they insulated? Thanks
  3. Hello , I installed the newest Msi bios and it’s totally changed the version of how my bios used to be before I updated it. I was wondering if I could install another version of the bios like the one I was on before or will it mess up my system as it like I am downgrading as iam on the newest bios . I would like to change as I can’t find the Hpet option in the msi click bios and I want to turn it off . Thanks
  4. Hi bro I have AMD rx 580 8gb so cant do your Nvidia tip but thanks you
  5. Hi guys , I’ve have been playing black ops 4 and pub g lately and I have randomly been experiencing screen tearing and weird textures like the ground turning blue which isn’t right . I have turned my overclock settings back to factory settings and it hasn’t changed anything . I was wondering if anyone knows what could be the problem here . I have also Tried reinstalling the games and that hasn’t worked .
  6. So would you say my keyboard is soldered ? It is the Technek Mechanical blue switch keyboard on amazon if you would kindly check it out . I asked a question on the amazon q and a for this keyboard about changing the blue switches for red and a guy put yes you can . But he may be talking about the soldering job or maybe you can actually pop them out , not really sure atm .
  7. I watched a video and the keys look the exact same and he didn’t solder as the led are on the Bottom plate rather than the key switch itself . So I’m not sure hopefully someone comes along to give me an answer but thanks for the comment
  8. Hi , I have recently come across the tecknet blue switch mechanical keyboard and I was wondering if you can change the switches from mx blue to red . Is this possible ? Thanks
  9. Hi guys , I have been experiencing random black screens when I am playing Games and just browsing the Internet . It happens at random and goes black for around 3-4 seconds but it doesn’t happen that often. I have tried adjusting the hertz of my monitor to its native hertz and that hasn’t seemed to change anything . I am yet to see if it’s the hdmi Cable that could be faulty which is plugged into my Gpu , or the problem is my Gpu which I really hope it’s not . Does anyone have any recommendations ? Also I have the latest drivers for Gpu and monitor .
  10. The nitro plus I have is the best Rx 580 on the market ... that’s why it’s 270
  11. So i bought a Rx 580 8 Gb sapphire nitro plus limited edition about a month ago for 270 And it’s great But ... the Rx 590 sapphire nitro plus le has come out and is 280 !! Do I send my card back ? And then buy the 590 or is it not worth it ?
  12. I have a 600w EVGA Power supply and a Ryzen 2600 Cpu . I recently overclocked it to 3.9hz and it was running just fine . Then I started up pub g and when I got into a game my pc just turned off randomly. It happens twice as I didmt know what what’s happening . I then turned it down to default settings at 3.4hz and I ran a benchmark in Valley and my cpu temp keeps spiking 59-68 straight after each other . I don’t think it’s a problem with cooling but As it keeps spiking it does concern me a little . The fan speeds are pretty high aswell . Also screen went black for a second on Valley aswell
  13. Ye I think Ryzen overall isn’t as good as Intel for gaming but i can’t complain as I got the R5 2600 for 150$ But I believe you should definitely be getting more Fps with a 1070 ti ?
  14. I tried Cinebench and I get 100fps but I have the sapphire nitro plus limited edition gpu and I don’t get more than a normal aorus gpu clocked at 1340mhz which got on a video 110 FPS stock
  15. Hi yes it happens I’m csgo and I should be getting around 200-300 FPS high settings but I get around 170 . I have the latest drivers but maybe I should roll back the driver as the new ones may be causing problems ?... I don’t know
  16. Hi guys , My cpu usage in pub g is around 60-90 percent in game and my Gpu usage doesn’t go above 50% whilst playing ultra settings . Iam quite concerned as my Gpu should be at 100% right ? Or around that number . Any ideas . I have tried overclocking aswell and it’s still the same in msi afterburners statistics . Thanks
  17. Hi guys , I have recently been trying to overclock my Gpu to around 1500mhz and 2100mhz . I have noticed in these Valley benchmark test at ultra settings my cpu usage is 30-40 in some areas then shoots upto 90 in others . My cpu is a Ryzen 2600 3.7ghz boost . Also my Gpu usage stays around 20-30 the shoots upto 50. Is this normal as I am quite concerned. I have been using msi afterburner for these tests ...
  18. If you have a 2200g processor you are basically Not getting the full performance out of it . The g stands for the intergrated graphics which you pay for if you are buying chips like that . A Ryzen 2600 with an Rx 580 is a great combo and will last years to come . If you can get the Ryzen 2600x for around 170 bucks then great but don’t pay any more than 170 for that cpu . The Ryzen 2600 non x is way better for value as it can overclock to the same hz as the X model
  19. Hey dude have you sorted this problem ? If not you have to disable Integrated graphics Before you plug your graphics card in . So start you computer up without gpu in and then disable integrated graphics in device manager and then once it’s fully disabled plug in your gpu and it should work . Also if it doesn’t try and see if there is an option in the bios to disable integrated graphics