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  1. My bad, I got that code probably because I tried it with a CD-R drive only and not a dvd-r drive. I'll swap them out now and try it
  2. Its a Daktech computer. I don't know the model of the PC but I know the motherboard model. Also, I got a new message. I know the DVD is bootable, I've used it on other computers
  3. I got into the boot menu, but I don't know what key it was because I spammed everything from F8 to F11 since F12 is for a network boot. I'll try the DVD-R now
  4. I can't get this PC to boot from anything. I turned on USB support and put my bootable USB in and it just booted from the hard drive. I made sure that the USB was the first in the boot order but still nothing. I Put in a DVD-rom drive and set that to the first in the boot order and put in a Windows XP reinstall DVD and it still booted from the hard drive. I took the hard drive out and disabled that from even being a boot option and it just said "System Halted! No Boot Device Found". Before It says that the system was halted, the DVD drive sounds like it's trying to read it but it can't. The un
  5. I was going to build a subwoofer cabinet with the Dayton Audio SD215A-88, but I don't know what diameter port I should get. What I am planning is to tune it to 31hz, and then the box will be 1.42 cubic feet (40.21 Liters)
  6. Okay, that seems like a good idea. I'd picked out two ND65-4's and a ND140-4 along with this amplifier: https://ebay.to/2GV9BWL Now I just need to figure out the diameter of the port and how long it will be along with the box dimensions. So far, everything in total is sitting around $115.
  7. I don't need to save too much, just wanting to keep it under $200. When I say that, I mean everything for under $200. The amp, wires, woofers, tweeters, crossovers, wood for box, and a power supply for everything.
  8. It's because I'm trying to make a boombox, or at least something relatively small with the speakers closer together. Since the speakers are closer to together, it wouldn't make much of a difference if it was in stereo or mono. Plus, it would be cheaper since I wouldn't have to spend more money on two crossovers instead of one. I had also found speakers that were 4 ohm and used fewer watts so I could get a cheaper amplifier.
  9. I was wondering if something like this would work too. Also, how many Ohms would this run at?
  10. Okay, good. Since that is taken care of, is there any amplifier that you could recommend to me? The speakers use 360w in total. (2 x 80w, 2 x 100w)
  11. Can I wire the speakers like this? If I run the speakers like this, how many ohms would it run at? Sorry that the drawing is so bad, just a quick sketch. Plus its in MS Paint 3D
  12. Could I do this (Picture Below) except two of the subs would be tweeters?