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  1. 1 iMac 27" 2011 It works well enough for programming ^^ not gaming might I add, but runs War Thunder on medium and CSGO on medium.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for your responses and I have been looking at your suggestions, thanks a lot for your help and I'll take them all into consideration. THANK YOU!!!!!
  3. I'm not sure if anyone has been in a situation like myself but if you have then I could really do with your advice/help. I recently applied for the Royal Air Force and passed all of my selection resulting in being offered a commission, I deferred this commission till after I finished University. I am now going on to study Computer Science a year later than I probably should have and have been job hunting for around 4 - 5 months. I am putting my CV out to everything and anything in order to get a job, from my preferred technology focused businesses to warehouse jobs. I am honestly in it for anything. I am needing a job so that I can fund a laptop for University and at the moment I have had two relatively good recommendations: MacBook Air Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Now these are around the 1200-300 price point and well who am I kidding, beggars cannot be choosers. So I should probably get to the premise of my post and just say: Has anyone else been in this position? How can you effectively get the money or indeed a job to purchase the hardware you need? Are my two laptop suggestions ideal for a Computer Science degree? Thanks guys. Edit: If some of you are wondering how I am writing this, its on my iMac 2011 that I currently code and unfortunately game on, to limited effect ?
  4. Yeh I know it costs a bomb and then they remove it from the latest software, even though it would do fine.
  5. macOS Mojave Well I have installed the beta for Mojave and wow it is impressive on my MacBook 12 inch, however learning that my iMac 27 inch, late 2011, is no longer supported I am slightly disgruntled. Does anyone else think that they have made too many devices redundant with the new software? Jack
  6. Probs not any surprises but great to see some official product releases etc etc...
  8. Well little did I know that they have dropped support for my iMac so I'm having to find a way around that. Hopefully, I can.
  9. Running the Beta now, and it's running pretty well so far, new News app which is a lot nicer.
  10. Right well installed Mojave on my MacBook and my visually it is stunning, now just to let iOS 12 install now, glad I installed it now! JUST LOOK AT IT!!
  11. I know I like all the MacBooks bar the Air, but I didn't need a laptop with such processing power I just needed a sleek laptop/notebook to do word processing. However even when doing light coding it copes well and doesn't get hot. And to be able to keep a steady temperature without a fan is truly amazing, one mighty heatsink.
  12. I have the 12 inch MacBook and it usually installs and boots quite quickly so I can give it a quick go.
  13. Nice one I mean I have all my storage automatically backed up in the cloud so I'm set for that really just don't want any hardware going wrong because of the OS that was my primary concern.
  14. You recommend me installing the Beta for all my devices then?