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  1. KreamKake69

    Pc Keeps crashing

    Just tried both of those and they both show no errors...
  2. KreamKake69

    Does anybody know why me mum's pc wont boot?

    Try swapping ram slots or even if your monitor is the problem by testing it on your other pc.
  3. KreamKake69

    Pc Keeps crashing

    My custom pc keeps crashing whatever its doing. Most of the time it just crashes right after i log in to windows or a few mins after. need help trying to figure out whats wrong heres my specs. Gpu: Asus strix gtx960 Cpu: Amd athlon x4 950 Mobo: gigabyte ab350 gaming psu: corsair vs550 os: win10 enterprise boot drive: 120g Kingston ssd btw i dont mind about losing data just want it working