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  1. I have b450m pro4 and ryzen5 2600 and I took out the lithinium battery, but after trying to find the cmos pins i realized that I dont have a plug that you are supposed to swap places. I mean, according to some tutorial I should have some kind of thing plugged in 2 of those 3 pins. And after waiting switch it back to the 2 pins it was before. But i didnt have that thing and i just took out the lithinium battery. But I guess it doesnt help restarting the bios.
  2. So I had problems with my pc that werent because of the bios, and I fixed them already. But last time I updated bios was like year ago I cant remember the exact date. But I updated my bios to the newest one, and after that alt tabbing out of games is so much slower. Normally I alt+tab out of r6 in second. Now its 10 seconds. Its really frustrating and I rerolled the bios to the previous one, (second newest) but it still doesnt help. How can I get the exact bios I have had for around year? Can I somehow reroll 2 times?
  3. Yea i realized it i changed it immediately i published it
  4. Here is the results. Something really wrong with my internet. And shouldnt the upload speed be actually slower than the download? Cuz It seems like its fast.
  5. I updated my drivers recently, and no other users than me, its in the post already. But what you mean that isp isnt delivering the right speeds?
  6. So I have this 100mb/s internet. It is connected to my pc with ethernet cable and my pc is the only device thats using it. My steam download speed should be 10mb/s right? But best I have ever gotten is 3 and its usually in 1.5 and when i checked my task manager while downloading when i had slow download speed, it said network usage 1%. Why my pc isnt using my internet properly?
  7. Because it costs 500€ and doesnt even run youtube?
  8. This laptop is slow I know, but now slow as it is now. I know that. I know that it should be faster
  9. I dont care stop spamming that useless sht in here, I dont care I already bought it stop bragging I am not looking for laptop I am looking how I can fix this
  10. Do you think I got this for gaming? No, I only got this for watching videos etc. This laptop costs 500€ as new
  11. How can I do that? I only know how to do factory restore
  12. +I updated my processor from device manager and it says its up to date.
  13. I just bought this Acer Aspire ES15 just for surfing in web. It was used for 2 years, but not in huge use. The previous owner did factory reset on this laptop. The first time I turned this on I was unable to even use this, but after installing all the windows 10 updates from 2016, it was better but still stuttering. Is there something else I could update? I went to device manager and there was 2 "amd e-7010 apu with amd radeon r2 graphics". Should I update those? And why I cant find my amd radeon settings from this pc? thanks
  14. I checked eyzen master, it said 3.65ghz in all cores, so i guess its fine. And when I got my pc somethikg was wrong because my cpu was clocked to 1.70ghz and updating bios fixed that. But now its running 3.65ghz so all right I guess?
  15. I cleaned my pc and it found 29 threats and deleted them. It didnt work out, how can I check what program uses my pc perfomance?