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  1. ok. i updated the bios, that didnt change anything. then i tried updating my boards nahimic software. that didnt help anything either... BUT... appearantly, enabling effects in nahimic makes it work. it doesnt matter if any effects are being applied or not, effects just have to be enabled. picture are of me scratching the mic with effects on vs effects off. (upper left corner of nahimic tab) and this is even if i use an external sound card. i really appreciate your try tho. and sorry if i came off a bit rude. i was just annoyed that my friday evening was wasted on some weird mic bug.
  2. Could this maybe be bios related ? its been a while since i updated my bios. but the only thing they have added since then (at least whats written on their page) is more memory compatibility, Improved system bootup time and AMD ComboPI1.0.0.3abba (whatever that is)
  3. Teamspeak, Discord and audacity. Both teamspeak and discord doesnt register any sound. and audacity is just recording absolutely nothing. not even noise. But i just made a discovery. If i enable playback of my mic. you know, so i can hear whatever it record in my headset (absolutely dont want this enabled tho) THEN i can hear the mic working. but none of the programs are picking it up. and YES. the correct sound device is selected in all of the programs! both in and output. Also tried to talk to people on discord. they hear absolutely nothing but with the playback enabled i can hear myself in my headset. so the mic IS working.
  4. also made sure that recording volume is at 100% and tried with mic boost maxed as well. but it didnt change anything.
  5. I cant get my standard mic to work. its just one that came with my headset. nothing fancy at all. i have tried: Front I/O Back I/O external sound card (also one that came with the headset) Made sure that i used the correct recording devide is selected in the "control pannel for sound" thingy. i dont really know whats wrong here. as soon as i plug it into either my laptop or my gf's computer. it just works. wether its from a mobo/front i/o jack or via the external sound card. doesnt matter. everything works on her pc and my laptop. What would be my next step here ? Im thinking it shouldnt be hardware related, as i have the problem even with an external sound card.
  6. As the title states. im looking for the ideal mouse, and after looking around for 14 days, i cant really find anything that fits my requirements. Backstory: I've used many different mice during my years as a gamer. the common thing among them was the price, cheap offbrand mice. 1 year ago i got myself a logitech G502, great mouse. only problem is that the switch in the left click has started double clicking every 3-5 click. Because of that, a friend gave me his old g600. but it has seen better days. i want to get a mouse that has more than just foward, back and sniper button, as i've grown to like having ptt and other commands at my thumb. i mostly play shooters, and my main game is escape from tarkov, where having a lot og side buttons has been really helpfull the past 4 months, and i can feel that i NEED programmable buttons at my thumb. Now i think 12 is too many, and i have a bad habbit of accidently clicking a button randomly when i have to do flick shots. i would love to have a few more than the g502 has, but a little less than the g600. i use a kinda hybrid palm/claw'ish grip and have large hands. Any suggestions are very welcome. just dont bother mention the naga trinity. two of my friends has had previous versions of the naga. which appearantly has worse QC than cheap offbrand mice manufacturers.
  7. Hello. I finished my first ryzen build yesterday. and after running Ryzen Master, i can see that my EDC is always pegged at 100%. I've tried googling my way to the answer for a few hours, but nothing i do seems to work. and while reading i actually got a feeling that something is wrong. no matter what windows power mode im in, it stays at 100% edc and 4.1 - 4,175 GHz. even while im just at idle. where i've read others say that when its in windows balanced power mode, their edc drops. well mine doesnt. also its constantly getting 1,320+ volts on the core. where i've read from others that theirs drop to like ,8 and around 2,2ghz when idle. i dont like the idea of throwing 1,320+ volts in it when its just doing nothing. i dont have a problem with tems though. idle at low 30's (*C) and never higher than 58 (*C) Anyone got a tip or two ?