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  1. okay so i tried this on all my nvme's, one at a time. nothing changed.
  2. I'll try to install windows on a drive I bought 2 weeks ago. And leave all other out of the system. I'll update soon
  3. Manufacturers own tests. But I've had windows installed on 3 nvme drives and 2 ssds. From different manufacturers. Still get this.
  4. a little question that i hope could help locate the issue. It seems that after it "freezes" some games have to get reinstalled or told where the gamefiles are. also some programs have had to reinstall modules on startup, like msi dragon center. Could this point to something ?
  5. Alright. im grateful for your time man! really! i was afraid it was either motherboard or cpu. i mean, i have been running the cpu with PBO enabled all the time. So i wouldnt be able to rule out that it might have been damaged, as amd do warn users when enabling it. so i guess im going on the market for something new. amd 5000 series isnt far away so i might just let the system suffer untill reviews are out, to see if its gonna be an intel or amd system this time around. Once again, thanks a lot for your time!
  6. All of them pass without issue and are in "good health"
  7. its bog standard right now. no oc on either cpu, ram or gpu. No i havent tested all my ssds and nvme's. but i have tried to install windows on different drives to see if that was the issue. additionally, the ssd my windows was originally on when i got this issue, isnt even in the system atm. but i guess it wouldnt hurt to do it. ill give it a go now
  8. So the situation changed a little. A friend that had 4 x 8 of the same memory as my, let me borrow two of his stick till my new ones arrive. These are known good working ram. nonetheless, i plug them into my system, leave xmp off. low and behold. not even 5 mins after i booted the pc back up, the thing happened again. another restart, and same again. not even 5 mins in, it locked up again. i did another memtest with his ram in, and got no errors in 2 x 4 passes. any other test i could do to tell what it could be ?
  9. okay so it happened again while running at stock speeds. so i ran the memtest you linked me, and it failed with 4 errors. So i guess my issue is faulty ram, so ill be ordering some new ones later today. Thanks a lot for the help man! i really really appreciate it!
  10. since someone pointed out that 2000 series had issue with 3000+ Could i get away with setting it to 2933 mhz and "expext" the issue to be gone ? and if its not assume i need to test it with memtest ? Also, is it suggested to use xmp to set the speeds ? or do it "manully" from presets ? But else ill try what you said. thanks fo far!
  11. Am i to run the memtest with 3200 first ? or drop it to stock speeds before testing ?
  12. i do yes, but i have been doing that since i got the 2700x back when it launched. I think the issue happened after i updated my bios and the ram ran at stock speeds as well. not totally sure on that one tho. But lets say this is the issue, why would it suddently be an issue when it havent been before ?
  13. I've been having this issue with my computer lately. and i've looked around, tried to goole as best as i could. no luck. So my pc has begun to freeze at completely random times. only, its not actually "frozen". I can navigate around windows, some things i can open, like task manager, some things i cant. like a browser or a game. some days i dont see the issue, other days, i can get it time and time again, whenever i restart the system. yesterday started with two of theese "freezes" right after eachother, then nothing for 5-6 hours, only to get the freeze again at that point. there is
  14. ok. i updated the bios, that didnt change anything. then i tried updating my boards nahimic software. that didnt help anything either... BUT... appearantly, enabling effects in nahimic makes it work. it doesnt matter if any effects are being applied or not, effects just have to be enabled. picture are of me scratching the mic with effects on vs effects off. (upper left corner of nahimic tab) and this is even if i use an external sound card. i really appreciate your try tho. and sorry if i came off a bit rude. i was just annoyed that my friday evening was wasted on some weird m
  15. Could this maybe be bios related ? its been a while since i updated my bios. but the only thing they have added since then (at least whats written on their page) is more memory compatibility, Improved system bootup time and AMD ComboPI1.0.0.3abba (whatever that is)