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    Chemistry, pcs, games, airplanes and basket :)
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    University student in Italy
  1. Hi, I am currently studying chemistry at university in italy so i know something (not all bare in mind ) Pure Gallium is very corrosive against other metals. It attacks other metal (like aluminum or steel) diffusing into them and making their structure very fragile. The die is made by a mixture of silicon and copper (if i am not wrong) and the IHS is made of metal. So if it doesn't attack the die, it is going to attack the IHS. Pure gallium also tend to stain other surfaces making it difficult to clean up. Pure gallium also changes a lot his physical properties and are very strongly dependent on his temperature. His thermal expansion will change a lot depending on the temperature. For example gallium tends to expand by 3% when changes phases (when heated) so i think it will press against the IHS and the die maybe causing some damage to the chip. On the contrary gallium compounds have different features that allows them to be used as the "liquid metal" that we all know. Plus they add some sort of stabilizer to prevent the gallium compound from reacting with your component. The manifacturer i am sure tried many recipe for making the best thermal interface material that is safe for your other component and it is stable This is what i think about it and probably isn't 100% correct but it is accurate enough (And sorry if my english is bad)
  2. It replaces your VRM (either on Motherboard or Gpu) letting you put in more voltages. It's intended for LN2 or sub zero cooling and OC
  3. Try to use the evga epower v for something extreme https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=100-UV-0600-BR That would be intresting
  4. I found this one on the evga site EVGA 500 BR, 80+ BRONZE 500W, 3 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-BR-0500-K2 (EU) for 54.99
  5. Guys thanks a lot for the help So the final build should be - ryzen5 1600 - msi b450 tomahawk - 450/500w power supply (80+ bronze possibly) - 8gb ram - case (i have just seen a cooler master MCB-B600L-KA5N-S02 for 47,99€ 1 fan included so i should buy 2 additional fans) - ssd+hd -1060 6gb - monitor 200€ (1440p) or 260€ (1080p 144hz) i would decide which one after i bought all the other parts for the building part i'm going to ask to a friend of my father which repair workstation as a job to give me a help.
  6. Ok, so i need about 3 fans (2 front for intake and 1 back for exhaust). For the monitor is AOC a good brand? Because their monitor are cheaper then many brands like samsung or asus. For example this one AOC G2460VQ6 Monitor Gaming da 24", FHD, 1920x1080, 75Hz, 1 msec, Speaker, D-Sub, HDMI, DP, Nero cost about 129€ while an asus one cost about 182€ Is it a good choice? I like Fps games but a 144hz display is about 280-300€ and 75hz is fine for me
  7. For the case are 2 fans enough or do i need more for a good airflow?
  8. Hi everyone, i need a pc for university (i'm studying chemistry at university in Italy) and i plan to use it also for gaming. I have a budget of 800-900€. This is my first time building a pc and i am absolutly not an expert so i have a LOT of question. The build i have come up so far is - ryzen 5 1600 (€147,49 on amazon.it) - a b350 motherboard for about €80 - stock amd cooler - 8 gb of ram (70-90€) - ssd 240gb + hd 1tb for about 50€ each one - power supply 50-60€ - gtx 1060 6gb (304€ on evga site) So my questions are 1) what is a good case for 50€ 2) what monitor is good for a 1060 6gb (60hz? 75hz? 144hz?) 3) what power supply do i need (wattage and 80+ bronze or not?, modular or not?) 4)are 8 gb of ram enough for now and can i upgrade them later, and what frequency do i need for ryzen 5 1600? 5) what is a good ryzen motherboard for about 80€ (I maybe decide to try some overclocking in future so i think a b350 is good right?) Thanks to everyone i know these are a lot of questione but i am very new to pc