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    Gaming,tennis,soccer.That's about it.


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    AMD Ryzen 5 3400G
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk
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    G.Skill 2×8GB DDR4 3200mhz
  • GPU
    RX 570 ROG Strix
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    Raidmax Vortex V4
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    WD Blue 7200rpm 1TB, WD Green 240GB SSD
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    Super Flower Leadex || Gold 650W
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    Dell SE2416H
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    AMD Wraith Cooler, 3× 120mm RGB Raidmax
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    Red Dragon Harpe
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    Red Dragon Nothosaur
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    Sennheiser GSP 300
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    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. So I want to upgrade my phone.Right now Im using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I was thinking of either getting an S10e or an iPhone XR. The iPhone XR is as high as I will go in budget (750 USD) When I heard about a cheaper iPhone I thought I will definitely get it but when I was looking at the specs.It doesnt even have a 1080p screen and I can tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a phone. Then again I have never used an apple device. What do you think I should get?
  2. Hi, so I have this really old laptop that I want to use. It is an Asus X54C. I recently formatted it and put on the free windows 10 32bit home on it with a usb.I did all the windows updates but cant seem to install the drivers. On the driver page from Asus, there is no driver support for windows 10.Also, the laptop has 2GB of ram and windows 10 home 32 bit makes it quite slow. Should I just switch back to windows 7 home premium or will drivers fix my issue? https://www.asus.com/Laptops/X54C/HelpDesk_Download/
  3. Are these all the drivers I need to install when I put the gpu in my pc?When I click on expand all I get more options/versions. https://www.asus.com/za/Graphics-Cards/ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING/HelpDesk_Download/ Also, I am currently using the integrated vega 11 graphics in my Ryzen 5 3400G cpu, are there any drivers I need to uninstall? Last question,should I install the drivers after or before I insert the gpu? I am downloading them from the official manufacturer site.
  4. WestTexan

    RX 570

    So the rx570 will be able to handle pubg at 1080p/60fps medium settings?
  5. WestTexan

    RX 570

    The price difference between rx 570 and 590 is not much, I could get the difference in a week. Should I instead save up for the RX 590 FatBoy?
  6. WestTexan

    RX 570

    Should I get this gpu? https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Radeon-Gaming-Graphics-ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING/dp/B06Y5WGXX3 I live in South Africa and right now it is on sale for 170 USD. This is my current build : Ryzen 5 3400G (using the iGPU) B450 tomahawk 2×8GB DDR4 3200MHZ Ram Also, will I be able to play most games at 1080p 60fps (regardless of graphic settings)? Lastly, will I be able to run PUBG and Rust at 60fps 1080p medium settings?
  7. Hi, so this is my current build : Ryzen 5 3400G 2×8gb 3200mhz ram B450 Tomahawk mobo The most demanding games I'll be playing are PUBG and Rust. Currently I am using the Vega 11 iGPU, and I cant even get 60fps on average on 720p lowest settings in Rust In PUBG its only playable also at 720p Lowest settings. I wont be listing my budget because I'll save up a bit longer for something more decent When playing PUBG and Rust, I want to be playing them at 1080p medium settings at 60fps. So which GPU should I get for my requirements?
  8. 3200mhz ram and 2GB assigned to the iGPU. The vega 11 is performing quite well its just that I'd prefer to have a dGPU.
  9. Hi, I recently put my pc together.I am currently using the integrated Vega 11 iGPU thats in my Ryzen 5 3400G. The rest of my specs : 2x 8GB 3200MHZ ram MSI B450 Tomahawk mobo Anyways,the most demanding games I plan on playing is : PUBG, Rust and DayZ I was thinking of getting a RX 570 4GB or RX 580 8GB. My budget is from 300 USD to 400 USD, btw I use another currency but I converted it to USD to make it easier. At first I was planning on a RTX 2060 but then I realized that I might not use it to its full potential since I'll only be playing online games that aren't that demanding so I started looking at cheaper budget GPUs like the RX 570 and 580. What I'm hoping to get is a GPU that can let me play Rust and PUBG at 1080p high or medium settings at 60fps. If you think I should get another gpu that I didnt list please tell me, thank you.
  10. I fixed it.All I had to do was just manage my plugs better.
  11. Heh, yeah,but the youtube vids make the game look so good O.O
  12. Tried that,I also put everything back as it was,still nothing
  13. Also, its making less noise then usually
  14. Hi, so I am having trouble with my pc. 20 minutes ago it was working just fine. My wifi router just got delivered to me so i switched off and got the router set up. 10 minutes later I switch the pc back on and my monitor is working just fine so is my router but I switch the pc on,the fans go on but my one LED fan's lights are not working properly.They shine but not as bright as before and my pc isnt giving off any signal to my monitor. I tried switching it on and off but that doesnt work either.How do i fix this? AMD Ryzen 5 3400G G.Skill 2×8GB DDR4 3200MHZ Super Flower Leadex II 650W Gold Power Supply MSI B450 Tomahawk ATX Motherboard WD Blue 1TB HDD WD Green 240GB SSD Dell SE2416H monitor Raidmax Vortex V4 case 3× 120mm case fans My build,could it be the power supply?
  15. I'll let you know when I get Rust