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  1. So i need some programs that are installed on my ssd in other computer (vs code, mongodb and some other stuff). Can i use my ssd with the stuff i need on other pc via portable adapter?
  2. So, do you think a Inspiron 15 3000 Intel® Core™ i3-7020U, would be enough for light app development? I have a good desktop, so it would be just code and backend tests during the day as i have access to said desktop during the night.
  3. BurstHearts


    I am trying to run ionic serve, but i need to have a Unrestricted permission on the policy. I aciddentaly used AllSigned, and the stupid thing doesn't won't to change to unrestricted saying that it is the wrong scope and it is using the last setting.
  4. Humble Bundle. I got black ops 4 from there. And they don't scam people like certain companies
  5. So what would be the best CPU+GPU for 1440p Ultra or at least high, for above 120fps? I was thinking in a Ryzen 7 3700x with a RTX 2080 super. I want to edit videos and need a some multitasking capability, so i will buy the R7 3700X ,the problem is the gpu, if i should buy a super or a TI, i edit just a little my problem is just games not CUDA cores to make the rendering process go faster.
  6. So, i created a squad on COD Black ops 4 and my name is listed as unknow. How do i make it show my name there? Or it's unknown just for me?
  7. My friend have a Asus Zenfone 2, and always when he is going to watch a stories and sometimes the normal videos, it plays the sound but the image doesn't play. What could it be?
  8. So i want to upgrade my rig to do programming on Visual Studio. But i want to know. I should buy a big hdd or a smaller ssd? Like what i am doing isn't that heavy but eventually it will became kinda heavy, so a HDD 7200k rpm is fast enough to big projects or should i get a ssd? Yes the ssd isn't big but as i am programming i need to worry not only on running the application but also testing it, part by part to see if it isn't broken or if it will break eventually. By the way i am not working just playing and making a portifolio, when i start working as programmer i will have both anyways.
  9. Depend of the store, the biggest stores in my country do it (some small too), and they only sell online, they have no phisical store
  10. Mother board: big stores open and update for you if you ask (just if you buy ,they won't update if you buy somewhere else, probably i just never heard of it). I have a Gigabyte MB and i like the quality, and i had 2 MSI MB, they wasn't bad (they where really good), but i liked more Gigabyte. I never saw that model so there's the chance that this one is beter than Gigabyte
  11. How much time a Java certification last? I searched on google but it doesn't tell me how many time it will last, just how many time i should take to prepare for the test.
  12. So, on minecraft i get barelly 60 fps. I have a i3 8100 ,gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb ram, Kingston A400 240gb ssd and 240mm watercooler on the cpu. My old laptop with 256 vram 4gb ram and a pentiun was able to give about 30 to 40 fps. I already tried unlimited and other options of fps, i already saw a lot of benchmarks and the fps i am getting are like i had that super heavy shadder.
  13. BurstHearts


    So, my grandfather was born and raised in Portugal. But he didn't registered my father when he was born and plus my grandfather is dead. There is any way to prove that my father have a Portuguese father?
  14. Have you seen the temps, maybe they are too high. Or maybe the games, try maybe cs:go or something new.
  15. What cause the high prices there? The price of the dollar or taxes? If it is taxes it won't take that long to go down. But if it is the dollar it can take longer as they need to 1 sell all or at least a great amount of their current stock and 2 be safe in case the price of the dollar increases , as they will need to buy more stock afterwards and make money for bills and other things.
  16. So, i work on a school and i need to put a link in every pc on the school's lab. But it could be a problem for the students to run it if it is in the notepad. There is any way to make a link executable?
  17. You would need a dual wan router and 2 internet links to get more speed othewhise it is going to do anything
  18. It is possible with two internet links, but not just 2 ways of communication (ethernet + wifi wont do anything maybe more stability but not speed)
  19. Do you stop the pc from reseting or it stop by itself? If any part is added or changed the PC will reset sometimes to identify what are the new places and components.
  20. Near cpu slot ,empty ,ram, empty in that order. But it should've run if you put in the wrong place, see if it works with just one RAM
  21. I have some RGB on my PC and i love it, i tought it would be pretty annoying but i decided to try, and after installing i discovered that it is really cool. I don't regret getting my RGB watercooler and would put RGB fans on my case too, it gives kinda of a happy feeling.
  22. You can do it but i don't recommend as age and different models drivers can be a problem (pretty rare i wouldn't even consider that something would happen), either sell your old ssd and get 2 uv500 or see if you can buy a uv400 and keep the old one
  23. Have you tried ther cpu in another Mother board, maybe the cpu is the problem as the i3 and pentium work