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  • Birthday 2003-06-20

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    Jedi Brysen
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    Eureka CA


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    i7 3930k
  • Motherboard
    x79 Extreme7
  • RAM
    DDR3 2x 4GB
  • GPU
    1060 6GB Mini
  • Storage
    Samsung 960 Evo M.2
  • PSU
    500 Watt
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    Acer 144hz 1080p
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    K70 RGB Rapidfire
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    G502 soon to be Final Mouse Ultralight
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    DT 990 Pro
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    Windows 10

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  1. I checked the dbs and it’s the highest right next to the psu
  2. My dad is in SF right now he is grabing me a Seasonic because it’s the quality as I have heard and 650w is enough for my 3600x @ 4.3ghz 1.415v and my rtx 2080 no oc
  3. I’m ordering my new psu today the noise is annoying as fuck
  4. When I play games you can hear my psu through my headphones! I’m thinking of getting a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650w I have a EVGA 850w right now but here is a video. FullSizeRender.mov
  5. corepadz vs Hotlines vs hyperglides on a G SR SE mousepad what do you guys think or know is the best Im looking at getting hotlines looks like the best deal
  6. Comp Fortnite with 30-60 people endgame I see people with 120fps with the same gpu but I only get like 70-90fps which I mean is not bad but I would like to get as much as possible
  7. This also before they switched over to Directx11
  8. Will a 3700x be a upgrade tho for gaming?
  9. I’ve noticed atleast 10% improvement in Fortnite it’s way better optimized for Intel