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  1. I am looking for a notebook/laptop that I can use for university and do some medium gaming on it. It will be a carry around piece so anything above 15" is not going to be viable. Usually people would recommend to get a desktop and a small laptop, however I do already have two desktop systems and cant be bothered to put a PC at my GF's place too. All the blabla aside, I am looking for a Stealthy(no razer or msi "Gamer" stuff) Laptop no bigger than 15" with, a quad core and possibly an m.2 SSD with at least 256GB. 1080p is enough for me, as I am used to that resolution. Just needs to strap the biggest GPU in it without igniting for around 1500€ or less. Availability in Europe essential and it having some insightful video reviews would be helpful.(Linus has to have a review, of something I was looking for) TY in advance.
  2. I really dont think so. Laptops are more like a "casual" market.
  3. Sklo

    Ultra Quite PC

    Recently I upgraded my PC and I wanted to make it as silent as possible. So my I choice the Define R5 Black. The results were good, but far from impressive. So I decided to do it on my own with a small budget. How much it will cost you strongly depends on where you are. Everything here can be done ghetto style, but you can by those parts if you wish so. I will also include some things you might wana keep in mind when choosing components. What do you need? Double sided tape cardboard(various thickness) noise dampening foam(3cm) sheets of rubber(various thickness) Sharp knife What does make noice? Hard-drives Fans Components(Coil-whine,...) HDDs Hard-drives have moving parts including discs that move with a rpm greater than 5k. No mather they will cause vibrations and if those transfer to thin surfaces such a hard-drive trays, they are inevitable going to cause sound. Except for switching to SSDs there is no other way then to screen them of via cardboard or rubber grommets. Rubber grommets can be bought everywhere and are reasonably prized. You can avoid buying them by layering double sided tape and cardboard/rubber. Unless you plan to carry around your PC allot you will be fine with that solution, since the tab is really strong, but if course it is not as firm like screws. Fans: First of all, people tend to go balls with their fans. There is in most cases no point in going to for more than 3 Case fans.(Luke did a good video on it). Make sure your fans are either firmly screwed in or only touch the case/cpu cooler via rubber(no cardboard on cpu and gpu cooler!). Turn case fans down to their bare minimum(they need a certain amount V to start spinning), you can reach this by using low noise adapter, hubs or fan controller. If possible make sure you use 4 pin connectors on fans so you motherboard can control them. But bare in mind you can only reduce the noise level to a certain degree since most of the noise is made by blades, engine and barrings themselves. So you spending some bucks for noctuas or other premium fans may pay off. I strongly recommend big aftermarket cpu coolers. Make sure you use a 4pin fan for the cpu cooler. And running your components on higher temps with lower fan curves is an option too. There is no real need to keep your CPU at 35dec when your fan is runnign at 100%. Noise dampening foam: What I did was basically order three 50x50cm sheets of 3cm foam and applied it to every surface there was. I used tape to firmly attach it to my case. If like in my case you have problems with it not sticking on the foam all so well, just put tape on the foam (and massage the tape, yep massage it) and on the case itself. Only thing you have to keep in mind is, that you make sure your foam is not cohesive, so it is basically just foam. And do not stick it on components and make sure it doesn't touch any either. Try not to disrupt the airflow.Leave Intakes and outtakes open so your fans can breath. But other than that you can close all other "holes" in you case. Result: After tweaking the fan curves I reached a near silence in idle and and slightly noticeable noise under full load with a mild overclock(4,2Ghz). While in idle it is death silent from the other side of the room, I can basically download while I sleep. With closed headphones on(even without music playing) it is dead-silent. Conclusion: There is really no need to go go balls on the cost when you want to go silent, a few hours of tweaking a under 20 bucks is just enough. This post is still WIP, if you have any addictions please post below. - thanks
  4. Sklo

    How to make hard drive quieter?

    Cheapest way to mount is cardboard and double sided tape. By layering it you drastically decrease the vibrations. You can also paint it black so it is not noticeable. Alternative is just to use some rubber you find instead of the cardboard. HDD ------- (Tape) <><><>(cardboard) ----------- <><><> ----------- Tray
  5. Just tape them up with black Isolation tape
  6. rubber based paint, maybe?
  7. save the money or spend it on games, maybe a better screen. 970 has like twice the power you could ever need(today).
  8. Can help and is worth a try if you strugle with temps
  9. Sklo

    First Water-cooling project

    spending that much money gives me migraines.
  10. OK my decision(what I bought) : i5-4690k with a MSI Z97 Gaming5 1150, which in the end was decided for due to looks. It just fits my other components better. Thanks for your recommendations.
  11. willing to spend aroudn 220 ish for the cpu and a reasonable motherboard to go with.
  12. Planning to refit my PC after a year or so, however I am no longer update, when it comes to "best" hardware questions. So what I am asking for is a Motherboard and a CPU to fit in. My goal is to switch to intel cpus. Price-wise a around 220€ish for a decent i5 seams to be alright and an ATX to come with it. I use the rig for programming/media consumption, but mainly for gaming. Decent overclocking capabilities, no real fancy features required(Wifi,..), but it should be future prof.(mainly sata I guess). PS: Will go into a r5 Definded and I will go overkill in the silence aspect(add more foam and soft mount fans)
  13. If I did, you would shoot me. Was at work so I had no modeling software, I used paint and used 10px for a cm. I guess laying it ontop of the moba would work(space-wise), but it would strongly restrict airflow.
  14. I did some drawing and no it sadly is not possible. Motherboard is 17x17cm and on mini ITX boards high end GPUs extend over the side of the MB. with one cm to spare, there is not enough place for a high end gpu, even a nano. You would have to remove a god portion of the bottom and lift the case a few centimeters. Which is unpractical and looks stupid.
  15. What is the PSU luke used in his fallout build? It looked so tiny.