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  1. FlamesFans13

    Aqara Smart Security system and HomeKit

    the app he is talking about is shortcuts, and that is an apple made app, so i don't think its available on android.
  2. FlamesFans13

    Asus Hyper M.2 X16 and Zenith Extreme

    Just picking at straws here, do you know if your CPU had enough PCI-E lanes for all the drives to be detected?
  3. I could be wrong here but that looks like just the display to a different monitor, without the body or shell or anything. Also your hardware would likely not hit 144 FPS often, you might be able to find a 120hz monitor for cheaper on ebay or craigs list or something.
  4. How much free time do you have to write all this? lol
  5. FlamesFans13

    Gigabit vs Gigabyte?

    In theory, Yes.
  6. FlamesFans13

    Acer tablet not starting... Only black screen

    Well no shit, what connector and what pins in the connector do I put the multimeters leads on? I've never done this before, you've gotta be specific.
  7. FlamesFans13

    Acer tablet not starting... Only black screen

    oh sorry was talking about the power brick output... How would i check the output of the battery?
  8. You can use a psu jumper, that you can buy here https://www.amazon.ca/BAQI-24-Pin-Female-Supply-Starter/dp/B078S39CK5/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=psu+jumper&qid=1560706819&s=gateway&sr=8-1 or you could wire it yourself with a guide here https://bit-tech.net/guides/modding/how-to-jump-a-psu/1/
  9. FlamesFans13

    Acer tablet not starting... Only black screen

    The output voltage is 5V with the amperage being 2.4 Maximum
  10. FlamesFans13

    Acer tablet not starting... Only black screen

    Also one small detail the battery is a 6000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  11. FlamesFans13

    Acer tablet not starting... Only black screen

    How would an over discharged battery be possible if I left it be with it plugged in and it reported itself charging. If anything could it have died from too much current going in with nowhere to go so the battery over charged basically killing itself in the process?
  12. HI, first time posting, my acer B3-A30 (Which I got about 2 years ago BTW) was working fine before i had to go on a trip for a few days and left it alone charging. When i came back the red charging light was off and it would not turn on at all. I tried using a different charger and leaving it for a while and trying to turn it on, no dice. I've tried everything from holding power button for about a minute to taking the back off and inspecting the battery, nothing seems to be wrong. Any ideas would be Greatly Appreciated.
  13. it is a 13" Early 2011 MacBook Pro
  14. Hello! Recently my MacBook pro started getting Permanent colored lines on the display of the MacBook. Before you could press the screen just right and it would just go away. Now they don't go away, I have tried to reset the SMC chip and the PRAM/PVRAM, neither worked. I don't think it is a software issue either because when I plug it into an external monitor no lines appear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. FlamesFans13


    Is there a postcode that shows on your motherboard? If so search that up with the company and model of your motherboard.