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  1. when i first bought this wifi adapter it was working great. over the past week i notice that it is starting to suck. i'm not 100% sure if the wifi adapter is the issue or if it's an issue with the distance and power of the modem, or a combination of both. we got a new modem recently. it's in the basement and i'm on the top floor. when i first connected to the wifi from the new modem i didn't notice any problems at all. it's been over 3 weeks since then and for the past week i've been having problems with getting a consistent wifi connection from the modem. i decided t
  2. does anyone know about any books (preferably on kindle) that can help me get started learning how to use unity, and how to script in unity using C#? preferably books that are friendly to people who are new to programming and game development. i pretty much have a decent understanding of most C# basics.
  3. i'm confused about the getset property auto implementation. i understand how the property itself works. class One { private int number = 50; public int Number { get { return number; } set { if (value >= 0) number = value; else number = 0; } } } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { var one1 = new One(); one1.Number = -90
  4. can someone please explain polymorphism simply, and the difference between static polymorphism and dynamic polymorphism? i feel like i have a mild understanding of the concept, but it is still fairly confusing at this point. from what i understand, polymorphism itself refers to when a program uses the correct method for an object even though there are other methods with the same method signature in other derived classes or the base class. is this correct and is there more to it? also why can objects be created from two different classes? for example if you have a b
  5. in the book i'm reading it states that there are two ways to create a constructor for the child class. it vaguely implies that the first way is for creating the child constructor is to create a parameter-less constructor and the second way is for creating a non parameter-less constructor, but it's not exactly clear on whether that is absolute. so my questions are about whether these two ways that i will demonstrate are the only ways to create child class constructors and if the parent constructor is always called. the code below is from the exercises that i am following in the book
  6. i'm a bit confused by the concept of royal families. are they just like normal families but better? are they a certain part of a family that is merged with their nation's government? does each royal family serve different purposes and have different structures? i'm asking because i'm writing a story and i want to make a royal family. it doesn't need to be exactly like real royal families. anyway, it would help a lot if someone could draw a diagram or provide an explanation. i can't really find what i'm looking for on google and there are a lot of mixed answers. Royal Fa
  7. that's not really an issue in my region unless the bus is very packed. there were a lot of people on the bus but not quite enough that it can't be considered packed. in my region, courtesy seating is just as mandatory as priority seating, so as long as the stroller gets on the bus, people need to move for it. even if everyone gets on before the stroller they still need to leave space for the stroller, and it's only an issue if there is no room for the stroller to get on the bus after everyone else does, in which case, the parent(s) and stroller should get on a different bus or the
  8. yeah... i just woke up. i wrote this when i was very tired and irritable due to me being in the process of fixing my sleeping schedule. i ended up going to bed 4 hours sooner than i wanted, but whatever. i'll try again today. of course, i was also feeling irritable when this situation was actually happening. everything that i typed is how i feel about it, but if i was not irritable then i wouldn't have bothered typing about it, and even if i did i would have been much less aggressive about it.
  9. for the sake of discussion, feel free to discuss your experiences with this topic, or other transportation issues.. so earlier today i took the bus to the mall. usually i don't really get annoyed by much since i like to try to be a balanced person. the things that i can't stand the most are stupid people (not necessarily people with low iq, but people who just do very stupid things on a regular), virtue signalers, hypocrites, and liars. anyway, so when i was getting on the bus earlier there was a lineup of like 8 people or something. usually i am one of the first few pe
  10. i thought of and learned of various ways to aid in phone theft/loss prevention. 1. the way you holster your phone has an impact on theft/loss prevention. if you leave your phone in your pocket, this can have different pros and cons depending on how good your pockets are. deep pant pockets towards the front of the pants are likely the most difficult to pickpocket from and the most difficult to have the phone fall out of your pants. keeping your phone in your bag is probably a hit or miss. most people would avoid checking other people's bags in public areas. if
  11. i know that simply not bringing the phone is an option. i'm not that worried about it and i need to bring it. the main reason why i decided to go on this trip is so that i can take pictures of the sights. whenever i went on trips before, i always regretted not having a good camera with me. what i'm getting at is that i would like to take measures to reduce the odds of my phone getting lost or stolen while i'm there, or learn of ways that i can get it back. by the way, would you mind elaborating about anyone being able to reset my phone in no time? wouldn't they need acc
  12. do you have any tips/tricks/advice to aid in preventing phone theft and misplacement. this also includes advice to find a lost or stolen phone. as for me, well... my phone. i bought this phone late last year. i was going to buy a oneplus 6 but their tagline told me "never settle", so i bought a note 9 instead. it was my first experience buying a phone for myself, and before that i was using a super lame phones. i'm going camping in about a few days. it's an indoor camping experience and i am going as part of a church group. i frequented this church ever since i was abou
  13. i started learning about the params keyword recently. i get the gist of how it works. i just have some questions so that i can get additional information. i'm very new to programming just to let you know. simple and detailed explanations will be easier for me to understand. i typed out the code below from a template in the book i'm learning from. the disposable array and the strings passed when calling the method don't have a significant meaning. static void Main(string[] args) { void NamePrinter(params string[] tasks) { for (i
  14. thanks everyone for the help. i pretty much understand both methods enough to work with the code properly now. there is one concept about the second method that still confuses me. it's not a problem with understanding how the code works, it's more about understanding why the code works the way that it does. i'll post the method below and explain as best i can. i'm still new to programming lingo so i might not be able to work this clearly or properly. int[] ReturnUserInput() { int[] a = new int[3]; for (int i = 0; i