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  1. I thought about using one of the earlier models such as Z10 or Leap, they are still using BlackBerry OS
  2. Hello Reacently i have decided that i want to swap my current phone (Nokia 515). I do not want a phone with Android, I have used it in the past and i do not like it. Also i would not like to buy apple products, becouse of their price. While serching the web i have found another alternatives which were BlackBerry Z10 and Leap. I would like to know if BlackBerry is a safe os (spectre meltodwn, security updates etc.) and which one should i choose. I will probably be using it to: browse the web, use messeging apps, create notes and listen to music. Thanks for all answers
  3. HI Could you pls tell me how to enable ironsights in MMod? Thanks for all answers
  4. Thanks for this non tech related help.
  5. I did not know that, thanks for information.
  6. Sorry but i do not come from England and i do not speak this language very well could you pls explain me what those shortcuts means?
  7. I am afraid this pc is going to be often used to work in office programs. Also i found in the comments of andropenoffice that you have to pay for Pro subscriction...... In open source app. And this app contains adds, office program with apps is not a good idea at all (in my opinion). So thanks for your engagment @SupaKomputa I appriciate what have you done, but I wont for sure buy android TV as my main PC.
  8. Thanks for advice but I am afraid that Android does not support for example Open Office and I have used android in the past (on phone) and it was not my favourite OS for sure.
  9. I found on Intels site that it's actually Celeron not Atom.
  10. Thanks for advise but I am 99.9% sure that I won't buy chromebook becouse of: -From what I know the chrome OS is based around Chrome which means: -I will have to have Internet connection to do almost everything on PC -From what I have heard chrome uses a lot of ram which lots of chromebooks does not have -I do not like chrome as browser, I much highly prefer Firefox -I already have keyboard, mouse ,display,etc. -Most of chromebook's are just too big.(too wide I dont have enough place on my desk) -I do not want to learn another OS
  11. Hi I would like to swap my current computer (Optiplex 755) for something smaller and less power-hungry. When browsing the web I came acros one of the cheap Intel NUC-s with Celeron N3060. So I was wondering if it will be capable of compleating light tasks such as: web browsing(for example watching YouTube), using office programms (such as Open Office), Playing media (mostly music [VLC media player])? Or maybe should I invest in some more money to buy for example on of the Intel STICK-s with m3?
  12. Hi When I try to launch Minecraft (java edition) this message appears: The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: GLFW error 65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL I suspect it is an driver's problem. Unfortunetly newest drivers on the hp site are made for windows 7 ( I am using windows 10[32bit]) and they does not work for me. Serching for these drivers by using Intel Drivers and Support Assistant did not work well either, becouse it was not able to find any drivers for it either. Is there any way to make windows 7 drivers work on windows 10 or could you help me in finding drivers for win10? Thanks for all answers.
  13. Hello I want to build myself a new pc and I have one question about case which I want to buy. Is the metal mounting for the PSU (marked on photo) somehow changable for one which will not stick from the cases back?
  14. Hi I heve recantly changed my motherboard, processor and RAM. The problem is that when I try to play HL2 there starts to appear black lines and rectangles in the top section of my screen, in WoT it looks quite the same. I have also noticed that when screen capturing is turned on in OBS the lines don't show. I am using Windows 10, 8GB RAM and Pentium g3260 with its integrated GPU.