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  1. The driver is all metal and sturdy, the bits feel like they may strip out after a while
  2. Hi all I recently purchased this screwdriver set from dd4.com and was impressed with this budget option I purchased it from here: http://www.dd4.com/goods/New-6089A-45-in-1-Precision-Torx-Screwdriver-Cell-Phone-Repair-Tool-Set-Tweezer-Mobile-Phone-Tool-Kit_54270.html and had it arrive in about 2 weeks to my door in Aus. I have used it a few times now and have found it to be of good quality It offers a lower end option to the ifixit pro tool kit Linus uses and performs essentially the same functions at a fraction of the cost. Overall if you are not ready to make the investment of buying a full size professional kit and have a project you are working on I would recommend this kit as a great starting point to build upon.
  3. I would like to see it be called the GTX985
  4. From what I have read the R9 cards are supported from 10.9 onwards http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/197619-r9-290-hackintosh/ Is it possible to run Yosemite on my older Z77 gear? Cheers
  5. Hi all, Hoping there are some people experienced with hackintoshes here My machine used to be used for a hackintosh by my dad and since then I changed it over to windows and installed an r9 290 I no longer have the drive he used to run mac and I wanted to know if it was possible for me to install osx as I am now getting into development and windows makes me mad. I was wondering what version of osx I need and what amount of tweaking it will take or if I am better off switched cards My whole system specs is in my signature Cheers BRiteBak
  6. Hi Programming forum! Our school project in IT this year is to make a website with challenges and problemds for the year 7 students to solve My part in the school project is to make a trading system where students are able to trade resources among other things with a barter system between teams. I have been doing some research and haven't found anything great that I can adapt to suit my purpose and making something from scratch would be tough in the time I have We have all windows machines, servers available to host, and every team will have an iPad Does anyone know of some systems that I would be able to use? Cheers BRiteBak
  7. Anyone like playing spintires, looking for people to play with I'm in Aus btw Add me on steam amd message me BRiteBak
  8. One of the best phone reviews yet!
  9. @LinusTech What happens to these builds? Do the parts get sent back to the manufacturers?
  10. I'm no expert but you should probably talk to asrock
  11. Voltage is displayed differently in bios and os, trust the bios