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  1. alright mate. thanks for the help.
  2. but is it good for i7 8700 ? @dgsddfgdfhgs
  3. Guys, which cooler is better for i7 8700 ? A Deepcool Gammax GT RGB or Cryorig H7 ?
  4. okay mate. youve been very helpful. Thanks a lot!
  5. okay, overclokced to 3,7 or 3,8. And, if I have OCed my processor, should I leave my GPU at stock speed or should I overclock it as well ?
  6. oh yeah, what about the overclocking ? any tips mate ? @NelizMastr
  7. yeah man, never thought that building a decent PC would be this complicated. Honestly, I just want my computer to perform well in any things that I want to do.
  8. how if my RAM runs at 2400Mhz, will it be just fine?
  9. First of all, at the beginning of my plan to build my 3rd gaming pc was to pair i5 8400 with GTX 1060. But fortunately, I found a great Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070 at a discount prize. So, I bought it anyway. and right now, I got stuck again. Why ? Because I found that Ryzen 5 1600 is much cheaper than i5 8400. But of course, before asking this question I already researched about the comparison between R5 1600 and 8400. Found out, both ot them are relatively the same in terms of performance. The Intel is good at gaming but slightly less in terms of productivity, and the Ryzen is good at productivity but also slightly less in terms of gaming. Then at this moment, I got really perplexed what to choose. Either R5 1600 or with X or even intel. Or maybe I need to pick the 2nd generation Ryzen ? I dont know, I just want my computer to be good at anything. Yep, not BEST or GREAT, just CAPABLE ENOUGH to handle things like ULTRA GAMING (Any types of game), EDITING VIDEO, DO STREAMING, and et cetera. Help, need some answers.
  10. damn.. rig 1 surely a monster
  11. yeah, i got an information stating that using 1070 in 1080p will run every details at max level in every games. so yeah, 1070 it is then.
  12. well that answers my doubts. cause I ve been thinking to put 1060 instead
  13. wkwkw dont be so cold mann
  14. mostly online games. Dota, PUBG, GTA V online. But, in the future, I think I ll play some games in PC. Eventhough I do own a PS 4. Well cause u know, there are some games that just better be played on PC than console.