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    Graphics Designer + Multimedia


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    Asus Prime B360M-K
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    ADATA Premier DDR4 2400 8GB x 2
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    Palit GTX1070 Dual Fans
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    Golden Field N-2S (also known as Kolink Satellite Plus)
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    GALAX GAMER SSD L 120GB + ADATA XPG SX8200 480GB M.2 + Hitachi - Travelstar 1 TB 2.5 + Western Digital - Scorpio Black 500 GB 2.5 x 2
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    Silverstone SX500-LG V2
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    Acer ED273A
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    Scythe Fuma Rev. B
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    Tecware Phantom TKL
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    Logitech G703
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    Philips SHP9500
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I already bought Deepcool RGB Convertor but sadly, it still require me to put the 12v 4 pin into the motherboard, which my motherboard doesn't have. I have the Strix B360-i and it only have 3 pin ARGB port.
  2. Hello there, I just noticed that I have 4 pin 12v header on my Cryorig C7 RGB and my board Strix B360-i have only 1 argb 5v port. When i plugged it in, the cooler only show default color and cannot be changed using Aura Sync software. Is there anyway to use the argb port to control or sync the cooler rgb? Maybe by using some sort of connector or hub or converter?
  3. I'm using this case, SGPC K55. Nope haven't use stock cooler yet because the case haven't arrived yet. I don't mind the features, just want the best cooler for my cpu.
  4. Yes I'm restricted to cooler not exceeding 55mm.
  5. Between C7, NH-L9i & AXP-90, which one is worth to cool i5-8400?
  6. Any info or feedback for this cooler? Thermalright AXP-90
  7. Hi guys, can I get suggestion for Tier B High-Midrange RTX 2060 Super or RTX 2070 that have 2 slots and length didn't exceed 305mm?
  8. I'm using i5-8600k, case darkFlash DLM21 Mesh white color, and currently i have 2 sticks of ram without heatsink, 2 sticks of Vengeance LED. I'm located at Malaysia, and budget below $80. Actually i'm trying to imitate this built. Something closer enough should do. (in this video, he's using Noctua NH-D15 along with Chromax, inside Fractal Design Meshify C)
  9. Hi, is there Dual Tower air cooler that didn't exceed 160mm height? i found Noctua NH-D14 but i wanted to have white color scheme and sadly chromax only support NH-D15 rite?
  10. Hello there, I would like to ask opinion, if you're having this following option, which monitor (and gpu) would you suggest. Currently I have Acer ED273A (27", VA panel, 144Hz) and Dell S2319H (23", IPS panel, 60Hz) My build is i5-8400 along with GTX1070 and Vega 64 (I have these two gpu and will sell either one afterwards) Most of time i'm using my pc for gaming (Dota 2, PUBG, GTA V, Assassin Creed Odyssey) and picture editing as i'm part time photographer and working as graphics designer. When gaming i will be using my ED273A because of high refresh rate (if on Vega 64 i'm turning on the Freesync) For normal use like browsing, watching movies, editing picture i'm using the Dell S2319H. So i'm looking for some advice and suggestion: Should I stick with dual monitor or find a single ultrawide monitor that can serve my working and gaming. Which gpu should i choose for my current or next monitor?
  11. Hello there, I have a Palit GTX 1070 Dual Fans that I have changed the cooler with Arctic Accelero Xtreme III & last week just bought a used Vega 64 for $280. After clearing the Nvidia driver using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), I installed the Vega 64, driver, doing some benchmark and test the game with Assassin Creed Odyssey. I cant see much difference ingame between those two card. My monitor support FreeSync and I have enabled it. Then y Realtek Audio Manager stop working and I still cant use it even after installing the driver again. Also my pc wont shut down completely even after the screen goes black and i still can hear the fan sound from both the pc & Vega 64. Any idea whats going on? Right now I'm in between staying with the Vega 64 or switching back to the 1070 (due to the noise when high temperature).
  12. Hello there, currenty I'm using Palit GTX 1070 and recently just changed the card cooler with Arctic Accelero Xtreme III. After making some research, I'm interested with pairing my dual 1080p monitor with AMD card (one of the monitor have Freesync) Is it reasonable for me to change to AMD card to benefit from the Freesync? (for gaming) Will RX 590 enough to support my dual monitor setup? (Freesync monitor for gaming, IPS monitor for editing, watching movies) Stay with the 1070 or go for higher AMD card? Any explanation or ideas are really appreciated. Thanks.
  13. As i stated in my first goal, to have compact size build. Of course I can go for other SFF case like Dan Af-SFX ($270) or NCASE-M1 ($195) but that also need me to spend on new mITX, low profile cooler thus will conflict with my second goal, didn't broke my wallet. FYI, that case only cost me $60 including shipping.