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  1. Oh yea you said that already im delusional lol. Thank you once again
  2. Yea the a pro variant is looking better now, with not that big of a price difference. I hope i dont have to update the BIOS but if i have to ill just go to a nearby computer store and see what they can do , or just borrow an older gen. Thanks for the info
  3. Stupid question , but just to clarify a B450M-PRO-VDH-MAX will do right? Sorry this is basically my first time buying new computer parts i want to make sure everything is alright
  4. Is the combo mentioned in the title compatible? If not then what mbu should i choose? pcpartpicker says that it might need a bios update on any b450 mbu i put paired with the 3600 but idk. Need answers ASAP. Thanks.
  5. So im upgrading my MBU and CPU , are there any other possible incompatibilities i should check before getting them or just cpu socket? Ive heard about ram being incompatible with the cpu but idk. I have 16gigs of ddr3 Upgrading from some dell desktop mbu to b450 aorus elite ,and from e5-1607 v2 to r5 2600 and pairing it with my currently bottlenecked rx 580 (https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/pulse-rx-580-4g-g5)
  6. Thanks , might need to look into that. And does your noctua fan satisfy you? Not too loud?
  7. Just one question , If i replace the stock fans on my RX580 (https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/pulse-rx-580-4g-g5) , because of technical issues , will i still have the ability to manage the fans in MSI afterburner? Thanks!
  8. Well as to both of your answers are about the same i guess im putting water cooling aside for now. Thanks for the info!
  9. So the fans on my PULSE RX 580 4G G5 (https://www.sapphiretech.com/en/consumer/pulse-rx-580-4g-g5) that i bought a year back used from a miner who may or may not have treated it a bit too harsh had always been acting up but i was able to control them with msi afterburner by just setting a constant fan speed , but now while playing rainbow six siege they are completely ignoring msi afterburner and going into outer space by the sound of them. I thought about buying a new pair of fans and just attatching them like in a linus video from 2017 but now im thinking about water cooling because i could probably use the same water cooling set that i buy for this gpu on other gpus in the future aswell ! And im not sure but i think that water cooling is more quite than fans ;d. Is water cooling or regular fans a better idea? If your answer is water cooling ( which id like to do just to experience it) what water cooling components should i get? (I was watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7r_2rE1yro ) My answers might be late because its pretty late where i am so be certain that i will always answer. Thanks.
  10. I was under the impression that you can only do courses during the free trial of 1 week , but just yesterday decided to check , and that was completely false and im doing the computer science path at the moment. I dont know how far it lets me learn for free but so far so good. Not blaming it on you , just my own stupidity for not checking. Final exams in a couple of weeks so im playing a dangerous game learning programming and about whats happened in the past 100years in my country. lol
  11. What is this and why does it keep randomly appearing? Yes i know that its a steam window but i cant close it or anything , i have to end steam in taskm and its annoying. Its also happened with different programs not just steam.