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  1. Alright, thank you for clarifying. I guess i'll just leave everything as is for now.
  2. Finally trying to get the PBO and Core Performance Boost trying to work properly(?). Now that i realised i hadnt installed AMD Chipset drivers, i installed them enabled the Ryzen Balanced Power Setting (99%, 100%) and ran CPU-Z tests. The bench test ended on about 78 degrees, but the stress test however went over 80 and that was when i stopped the test since i read that over 80 degrees is bad. Should i get a new cooler if i want the temps to be lower or is something wrong? BIOS settings: Basically everything on auto, A-XMP enabled, CPPC enabled, CPPC preferred cores en
  3. Just setting a new wallpaper and restarting worked ! Thanks anyways
  4. Ok so i just DDU'd the old drivers and put on the new ones. But theres one issue still happening and that is with my desktop wallpaper. It changes from this: To this after like 5 seconds or so: Im assuming it has something to do with the fact that i always had a 2 monitor setup and different wallpapers on each one
  5. Just plugged the RX 5600 XT in and it automatically caught it on the AMD software. Was wondering if i need to actually reinstall the drivers by downloading the same software but for the RX 5600 XT instead of the RX 580, since the driver version does match the recommended one on the site for the RX 5600 XT. Thanks
  6. Found a fix for anyone having this in the future. Changed my windows region to UK.
  7. First of all, microsoft store doesnt even show sea of thieves when searched for, just shows the insider edition: Second of all, i looked for SoT in the xbox beta app, found it but i got prompted with this error instead: Downloading Subnautica (through xbox beta (subnautica doesnt even appear in ms store)), also a game pass game, works perfectly its only SoT for some reason. Any ideas?
  8. Looking to upgrade my 13$ keyboard which sounds like a typewriter. Is the Cooler Master Masterkeys CK550 w/red gateron switches a good option? Have to admit never heard of gateron switches, was only familiar with cherry mx ones. From what i watched just now they're pretty on par if not better. Thoughts?
  9. Hm.. i dont think so... im almost 100% sure that in the place of that shape there were letters printed in orange. Thanks for the idea tho Then again i migh be absolutely delusional and the hoodie im thinking of doesnt even exist.
  10. So a couple of weeks ago or so i was watching ltt as i usually am, and i saw him wearing a sort of dark hoodie with the letters LTT (LTX or something like that) in orange. Cant find the hoodie anywhere on lttstore.com, anyone know which hoodie im talking about? Or was it the one video where he wasnt wearing his merch (impossible)?
  11. UPDATE FOR ANYONE RESEARCHING THIS IN THE FUTURE The GPU usage image i added before is false and it turns out that my GPU was completely fine. There was a setting called "Enable unified GPU usage monitoring" which had to be enabled in MSI afterburner to display the true GPU usage. BUT, the faster and more ram did significantly improve performance.