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  1. Tried that, both from afterburner and wattman and fans keep running at 100% anyway.
  2. Pc specs: -Ryzen 5 2600 -Gygabite b450m-DS3H -HyperX 2x4GB 3000Mhz cl15 (running at 2666Mhz) -Corsair VS550 -Kingston 120Gb SSD -Seagate barracuda 500Gb HDD -Sapphire pulse RX 580 8Gb Hello everyone, so I have recently built a pc for a friend and it ran alright with an rx 460 for about a month. He recently decided to get a Sapphire pulse Rx 580 8g and the card also ran alright for about 4-5 days, but two days ago he turns on his pc and the fans begin ramping up for no reason from being completely still (0 rpm mode is activated). Then I went to his place to troubleshoot and when I turned on the pc the fans would spin at 100% all the time no matter what, fans profiles did not work either from afterburner or wattman. I found out my friend had installed beta drivers 19.1.2 so here's what I did: -Uninstalled the drivers with DDU in safe mode. -Installed 19.1.1 drivers. The issue remained so at this point I thought it could be some sort of PCIe slot issue: -I removed the card with the pc turned off and power cord removed. -Put the card back in the slot. That seemed to resolve the problem as the fans started to behave normally again. However, a few hours later my friend calls me and tells me the issue reappeared, so I go back to his place and I think it might be a problem with afterburner conflicting with wattman or something, so I uninstall afterburner and perform a clean install of the drivers once more. Again, the issue seems to be resolved, but now wattman pops up a "settings have been reset due to an unexpected error" at every boot so the fans profiles do not save up and I left the default profile on. I disabled fast boot in windows power settings and that was resolved. However my friend now says the fans started ramping up again and they only behave normally if he reboots the pc a few times. Now I am at a bit of a loss here, I am unsure whether this is a hardware or software problem. I haven't tried clean installing windows all over again and I am considering it, is there anything else I should try before that? Do you guys think this is all useless and should just proceed to get an RMA for the card?
  3. Probably your ram. Try disabling xmp for now or maybe selecting other profiles. You may have to set the timings manually if the rated speed doesn't work with xmp.
  4. Okay so I updated the BIOS to the latest version, the BSODs stopped but demanding games would crash (GTA V), while benchmarks ran perfectly). I tried a few things and nothing seemed to work, it would crash within 5-10 minutes. I enabled the 2nd XMP profile instead of the first, with RAM running at 2666Mhz and the game stopped crashing (my friend played for a few hours without crashing after that). So, unless other problems occurr, it's fair to assume that the RAM simply can't keep up with 3000Mhz and had to be downclocked.
  5. On second thoughts, it appears that installing the latest chipset drivers from the motherboard's vendor website actually installs older drivers. So I will install the latest drivers from AMD's website instead and then proceed to update the BIOS (for some reason, a note on gigabyte's website warns users to update the chipset before updating the BIOS).
  6. Yes but I will make sure again. Even if this was the problem we should just be getting poor performance from the game, not random BSODs, I think. Besides, the GPU was working just fine in another friend's system a few days ago. It's the new model with the grey label.
  7. I built a PC for my friend today and it was running really well and smooth until it crashed a couple times with "System service exception" error or "KERNEL_AUTOBOOST_INVALID_LOCK_RELEASE". I read online that this can be caused by faulty video drivers so I uninstalled them with DDU and reinstalled the proper ones from the radeon website. It ran smoothly for about 3 hours and while we were playing GTA online my friend had his PC crash with this error again (twice, the second time after setting ultra settings on a different game). I installed all the updates from windows, all the updated drivers from the motherboard's support page (except BIOS), I set the ram speed at 3000Mhz with the XMP profile. Now, my hypothesis are: I need to use the 2nd XMP profile because the 3000Mhz speed might be causing some instability. I need to update the Motherboard's BIOS (it is currently at AGESA Some faulty component? I will visit him tomorrow in the morning to run system scans, disk scans and maybe memory tests or cpu stress tests. Do you have any suggestions or have encountered similar problems before? Here are the full specs: Gigabyte B450M-DSH3 motherboard Ryzen 5 2600 2x4Gb HyperX 3000Mhz RAM 120Gb SSD Kingston 500Gb Seagate HDD (from his old pc) Corsair VS550W PSU Radeon RX 460 4gb (used) Help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. So currently the 1600 is only 18€ cheaper than the 2600 so I would prefer the latter at this point. I have watched some YouTube benchmarks and the i3 seems to keep up even with a R5 2600, hence my question.
  9. So I am going to build a gaming pc for a friend of mine in a couple weeks, his budget is around 1000-1200€ and I'm already set on everything except the cpu-mobo. My primary choice would be the i3 8100, but I'm also really enticed by the idea of making him purchase a ryzen 5 2600 for about 50€ more, the thing is an i5 8400 would be around that price tag too. The guy wants to play stuff like battlefield 1 and CoD online, so I thought more CPU horsepower might benefit him. This would be paired with an rx 580, freesync monitor, 16 Gb of ram, ssd and hdd. What do you guys think, is the ryzen idea worthless in this context or should I keep it into consideration?
  10. Thank you, I'll see if the psu cover can be removed but I'm pretty sure it is soldered. I should see if I can change just the fan in the gpu cooler but at this point I might just go ahead and get an accelero II since I'd have to void the warranty anyway. Thank you for your tips, very helpful!
  11. Yes, that's indeed my card. I know the cooler on it isn't the best, I bought it back in February because it was a good deal at the time. I wanted to avoid replacing the cooler or the thermal paste not to void the warranty, so do you think the fans in the case would be completely useless?
  12. I uploaded a picture of the inside of my case, the specs are: asus h81-m mobo, i7 4790, gtx 1060 6g (Palit StormX), corsair Vs 650W and a sharkoon tg5 case. The 3 fans in the front are intake and the rear one is an exhaust fan, the two fans on the cpu cooler are in a push pull config. Now, my CPU temps are pretty fine (67c during intel stress test with 30+ ambient temp), but my gpu temps are a little too high. It is undervolted to 1V and overclocked to 2000 Mhz on the core and +400Mhz on the memory, it reaches temps of 84c while playing Hellblade and 78c while playing PubG. The top of my case allows 3x120mm fan to be installed or 2x140mm. I was thinking about installing another intake fan on the top front and another exhaust fan on the top rear (either 120mm or 140mm) in order to increase the airflow, but I don't know if that would be useful. Do you guys think this is as good as it can get or should I go ahead and purchase the fans? Also consider that I live in a hot place with no AC and temps go often above 30c during this time of the year.
  13. Perhaps you could find an i7 4790 (non k), it shouldn't cost a lot more than the i5. I have it with a gtx 1060 6g and it runs any game just fine. For instance, Pubg which is pretty cpu intensive runs between 60 and 80 fps with high settings, with a little overclock on my 1060.
  14. Yes I do use Adobe premiere and handbrake. Occasionally OBS for streaming/registering clips but I don't think that really matters.
  15. What is the best consumer CPU for video editing between Intel's and Amd's latest lineups? Do more cores give an advantage in video editing? Is it true that ryzen is the best for video editing?