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    Does anybody even read these? Tacos!
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    Studying Law at my local uni. Love working on all things tech, and cars
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  1. Quote

    Sooo, I have been a very happy iPhone 11 Pro Max user as of late. The extra battery life over my XS Max is fantastic and I have LOVED comfortably making it through the day no matter how hard I hit the GPS chip and Bluetooth modems. My XS Max was also microscratched to **** and back because I did not use a screen protector. I wasn't even planning on upgrading to the 11 Pro Max, but between the massive improvements in efficiency allotted by the A13 mixed with "The worlds strongest glass on an iPhone," how could I say no?


    Well... turns out that's a half truth.


    The iPhone 11 Pro Max Glass is "the worlds most shatter resistant glass on an iPhone." Honestly I should have seen this coming as the only way to make a rigid, fragile material stronger is to make it softer, but such is life.

    Noticed gouges on my 11 Pro Max display, just as Linus noted in his review... Sigh. Full writeup on the Apple forums: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250829831

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    2. dizmo


      There's a company that makes sapphire screen protectors. Might be worth the investment.

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      Or even just proper hardness 6 glass ones.  But yeah, so long as it's real sapphire and not the diluted crap Apple's tried to pass off in the past that also scratches at a level 6, that could be a nice improvement.

    4. dizmo


      It is. It actually looks super impressive, watched a review a fellow did on it. Wish they made it for more phones, but of course iPhones are the biggest market.

      They took the equipment from the failed sapphire company (GT something?) and tweaked the design.