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  1. Hi everyone, hoping you can help advice before any money gets wasted The plan is to setup a Nas on a vessel accross 5 floors with up to 40 people at a time able to access. Everyone needs to be able to access wirelessly using either phone/tablet or laptop. Ideally downloading files to watch rather than streaming to keep the network fast. --The equipment I have looked at is: Terramaster F5-221 5 bay NAS, cloud storage, intel dual core 2.0ghz, plex media storage, network storage. -- 5x 8tb ironwolf NAS hard drives -- 5x ubiquiti network router, 2.4/5ghz, 450/1300mbps 120m range, Poe injector So the plan would be to have the NAS drive setup with a desktop computer, and a router on each floor conneceted by ethernet. 1. Is the hardware above adequate for this project 2. Which Nas software should we go with? (Windows would be preferred operating system just for ease of use) 3. Is plex the best solution for media access via the routers? 4. Is there any benefit to going with a drive such as an ironwolf over say a barracuda or mixing in ssd? Thanks for any help you can provide. Never setup anything like this before but an avid watcher of linus. I did suggest 100 bluetooth speakers but the guys on the vessel want video to haha Nedders
  2. Hi Guys, 1st post here so appreciate any help you can give. Recently bought an xps 9560, undervolted and about to upgrade ram to 32gb and repaste while I’m there. I only have 256gb of nvme ssd under the hood. So what I plan on doing is having 2 seperate external ssd for games and macOS. Does anyone have a link or could explain the steps involved in setting up a VM via an external ssd which can be mounted and dismounted when needed? For example, Would I just install VMware onto the ssd along with the setup files for OSX or does VMware install onto windows and then directed to the drive that macOS is installed on? I also presume i need to set a static drive letter for the ssd like the games drive. One last question, would there be any significant performance boost for the VM using a thunderbolt ssd over a usb3.0 ssd? Thanks ladies and gents