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  1. Hi everyone, hoping you can help advice before any money gets wasted The plan is to setup a Nas on a vessel accross 5 floors with up to 40 people at a time able to access. Everyone needs to be able to access wirelessly using either phone/tablet or laptop. Ideally downloading files to watch rather than streaming to keep the network fast. --The equipment I have looked at is: Terramaster F5-221 5 bay NAS, cloud storage, intel dual core 2.0ghz, plex media storage, network storage. -- 5x 8tb ironwolf NAS hard drives -- 5x ubiquiti network router, 2.4/5ghz, 45
  2. Hi Guys, 1st post here so appreciate any help you can give. Recently bought an xps 9560, undervolted and about to upgrade ram to 32gb and repaste while I’m there. I only have 256gb of nvme ssd under the hood. So what I plan on doing is having 2 seperate external ssd for games and macOS. Does anyone have a link or could explain the steps involved in setting up a VM via an external ssd which can be mounted and dismounted when needed? For example, Would I just install VMware onto the ssd along with the setup files for OSX or does VMware install onto