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  1. He can't boot from the flash drive in the first place?
  2. " window start of every time I Booted it in a few minutes after that it shows a blue screen with just the color blue please help " I was also the friend mentioned in the post trying to help him.
  3. He downloaded the fresh iso from microsoft and he did tell it to boot from usb.
  4. Like he said, the Windows 10 USB didn't work.
  5. Even when I overclock it by 1hZ.
  6. Hey there! I have an Acer KG281K 4k60 monitor and would like to overclock it. When connected over HDMI and when I use the NVIDIA Control Panel to increase the hZ count my monitor goes black and says "Input Not Supported". Yesterday I switched over to DisplayPort and now when I try to overclock it just says "No Signal". How can I overclock my monitor?
  7. Error 0x0000007b. I must manually shutdown by holding power. Error 0x0000007b. Safemode elicits the same error.
  8. Hello, I was given a couple laptops for free a few months back. This post is about two older ones. They are nearly the same model but the slightly older one - I will refer to it as 1 - is dead. I think the mobo died. Today I removed the drive from 1 and put it in 2 and when I boot up it instantly bluescreens. After some research, I do believe it is because I swapped out the hard drive. How can I boot into Windows that was on the hard drive of laptop 1 when it is installed in 2? I also have run chkdsk. Thanks.
  9. It worked for a day or two. I then dualbooted with Ubuntu and it only would give me the option to boot from the Ubuntu partition or that hard disk which wasn't bootable? So I wiped it and that did the trick. So then it worked for a day or two and now doesn't work. I tried removing it and I plugged it into my SATA USB cable and it came up fine.
  10. Hi! I built a machine just 5 days ago with a new 1tb SSD and a 1tb HDD that I got from my dad's laptop. I have wiped the disk and I used it for a day or two and now it refuses to be recognized by either my Ubuntu or Windows installation. It should also be noted that the HDD is nearly brand new and has only had about 500gb of activity. Any ideas?
  11. Hi. I bought a DigiSpark board online and it arrived yesterday. I have been playing with DigiKeyboard, and I would like to use it to hold down multiple keys. I've done lots of research but I can't seem to find a solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.