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  1. The pc would don't boot tried different ram everything worked out fine don't worry not my first time frying a ram
  2. So what should I go with Option 1 : 2 x64 GB Option 2: 4x32 or maybe option 3 6x16 GB
  3. Yeah I was going to do that but I did a little ram experiment and iam sure they are unuseble anymore Iam going to buy new ones slowly
  4. Not sure yet iam going to start studying ai development soon so probably that and maybe some gaming
  5. Good day to everyone who is reading the post every one else can suck it (jk) so I have an asus pro ws c621e and was wondering should I go with 2 x64 GB or a 4x32 or maybe 6x16 GB and please explain your opinion Thanks
  6. So is there even a small possibility that it will work