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  1. So I just bought a manufacturer refurbished Asus Zenbook flip ux360 with core m3-6y30, 8gb ram. I've set it up, removed most of the asus bloatware and also updated BIOS but it just keeps crashing after a couple of minutes of usage, every single time I end up with the same BSOD of kernel trap failure. I downloaded WhoCrashed to check what might be causing it but most of the descriptions say it was NT Kernel & System and that it was possibly cause by another driver that cannot be identified. Some crashes were supposedly caused by Intel wireless link adapter which i updated and it did not help. I have a feeling that it could be the graphic drivers, but I could not install the newest version of HD515 from intel website as it said it wasn't optimized for the device. Maybe someone who owns this device has experienced any similar problems? Its running windows 10 at the moment but I am planniong try how linux performs on it so maybe there won't be such problems there.
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