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  1. Gitesh


    Nice idea but linus and on amd platform it directly say it support ecc memory and ecc ddr4 memory
  2. Gitesh


    Hello friends,i have x470 motherboard with 250gb ssd for os and imp applications and 2tb stream+video files i have spare 250gb ssd from my laptop ssd swap(upgrade to 500gb) i want fast speed for my hdd but with reliably that if something goes wrong (power failure,ram oc around +200Mhz....did i mention Windows update?) i want my atlest hdd safe(250gd which was cache on ssd i can handle it) is primocache or storemi is preferable there are really low information out their with many intel fanboy who only prefer optane(not blaming just irritated) PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  3. Bro there will be raid and test for drive every month and it's 40% of 24hrs setup
  4. Will it last for 4 years with daily 10hrs use and do you can compress video file in red as backup or purple wins
  5. For backup file are nearly no need fo view it even monthly
  6. As for power bill i have calculate and it is around 6$/month...seriously i spend on my fuckibeep***** more!!!
  7. I have couple of terabytes of 1080p videos (70% 60fps+30%fps) i was thinking to build a nas for backup after a long thinking(i.e eating at McDonald) i am confused to use wd red or purple for backup(ok before folks hit me with a 'comman sense' i know purple is for read i know i have a spare red for nas i am talking only backup) i am anyway gonna change hdd after 4 years and i do not want a delicate nas i am only using when at home(at office...no way and for travel well there are tons of options for it) i have a spare ryzen 2400g pc and only use nas for around 8hr a day and not need for all work and i can always dual boot to use window 10 for other use so is red drive good for backup or go with purple.(plz don't use seagate i nearly loss my all data once and i neaver have good experience with it)
  8. Gitesh

    Surveillance hdd for backup

    Well to compress edited video and imp files not very thing like raid 1 only selective that i only use for backup only only sometimes for access as i have no fate in youtube which like to ban entire terabyte of video for things like "ooohoo it's not our fault blame algorithm"
  9. I have recently got spare 'wd purple drive' from my friend and i was thinking to it as my backup drive as wd purple has better backup features and more reliably,is this good choice before i move my all backup.
  10. I want to undervolt my i7 7700hw chip why? Because my laptop is burning hot I have intel xtu can any one give me some settings to best performance
  11. Gitesh

    Regular vs cctv hdd

    I have heard that cctv hddd i.e surveillance hdd have better readwrite speed with more realibty so can i use it in my rig
  12. I have this pc and 650w is more than enough:- Ryzen 2600x @ 4.1Ghz, Asus prime b350 red led type, 1x 2tb segate 7200rpm hdd , 1x 250gb kingston ssd, 16 gb of drr4 ram, Asus strix gtx 1060 6gb at 100mhz above boost clock, Corsair carbine case !!!!!!!Corsair vs650!!!!!!! Coolermaster hyper led turbo cooler, 2x static pressure fan 3x high speed fan And my setup need only 590w!!!!!
  13. Gitesh

    1 vs 2 hdd

    It doesn't matter if its cheaper for some 10$ i need speed with reliably.
  14. Gitesh

    1 vs 2 hdd

    I want to have storage of 2tb on my new rig which setup is best with speed and reliable? 1x 2tb drive or 2x 1tb drive in bost speed and reliably.
  15. I am love with farcry 3 i have gtx 1060 6gb card and i run fcy 3 on 4k with near max settings but i have heard by running more resolutions than monitor(1080) will degrade it even say it as type of overclocking its image quality and life is it true?