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  1. So I have a PC with a very hard to bend 13mm hard line cooling setup.. It has a TON of bends and even one that makes the line do a complete 180 at one point, to route it where it needs to go. I recently moved and emptied my loop out and was going to refill it with coolant, but was doing a flush with distilled water, when i got side tracked and had to leave the system sit for a few days... The problem was it was sitting with the panels off, full of plain water in direct sunlight, so some algae started to grow inside my water lines. What is the best way to clean the inside of an acrylic loop, without scratching it? At this point, i need a little more than just a flush, as the algae is sticking to the tubing a bit.. Thanks James
  2. I've emailed a few companies just to see if maybe they have something like what i'm looking for, and i'm just not seeing it. I've become so used, to using a tiny mouse that my big hands cramp up whenever i try to use anything that would be considered "small" or "normal" sized anymore.. My last option is to cut the back off this M711-FPS and find a way to make my own cover for the back, but I'd rather not destroy a brand new mouse. Even if it was only $30. lol
  3. Unfortunately with a mouse that's even 4.9" long, My palm ends up resting on it, because of the way I grip the mouse. The problem with the M711-FPS is that the back actually slopes out really far. It would be PERFECT, if the back just dropped down like the M185... I would LOVE this mouse 100% then. I'm trying to figure out how to modify it now.. lol BTW: I checked out the link. I have LARGE hands according to their chart, but just don't like how most mice fit. I like a mouse thats no longer than 3.9" total... and needs to be very light weight. Have a very high DPI, RGB, 8 buttons, 1000hz, ect... All the goodies in a small package... And I'd love it to be wireless too...
  4. Ahh.. I was just looking at those. The G703 is 4.9" long which is the same as the M711-FPS I got to test already. It's about an inch too long for me. I like to have my wrist sitting on the mouse pad and just move the mouse around with my fingers for most movement, and flick my wrist for larger. This requires my entire hand to be place on the mouse thus gripping it with my palm. I could probably get used to it, but I'd rather get one thats around the 3.5-3.9" lengths. Thanks
  5. Right now. I'm not too worried. I'd rather see my options. But say Cheaper is better. But having all the features I want is more important to me. So $100 -/+ max... I'd also like a HIGH DPI too..
  6. I'm looking for a new mouse. I've tried the RedDragon M711-FPS and LOVE IT Except it's TOO LONG!!! I like a mouse that I would be considered a finger/claw grip type. Not a Claw/Palm grip type... My Daily Driver for the past 5 years has been a Logitech M185. (Its a cheap wireless mouse) It's the perfect size, but needs better response time, and some additional buttons. PLEASE!!!! I've been searching like crazy for the perfect mouse. If anyone has some idea's for me, PLEASE POST A LINK, or PROVIDE A MODEL NAME / NUMBER. Thanks James
  7. Did you check the revision version of your board, vs the one on Gigabyte's site? I had something identical, or so I thought, happen to me. After checking and checking I realized I had an older version board than the Gigabyte page I came to. They don't do a great job of showing which page your on. The only way I know to tell, is to look at the top of the page, near where the board name is, and directly to the right of the name, is a tiny little "1.0" or "1.1, 1.2, 2.0" etc... If you truly do have a unique bios version, Be sure to copy it before updating and post it someone so others can have access to it... I've found the need for old bios versions in the past, especially ones that manufactures tend to take down and say "didn't exist" as there may have been a feature that was disabled in later versions.. One example is back around the Intel Gen 4 era... Did you know that some motherboard manufactures made a bios that allowed overclocking of NON-K CPU's??? This was of course soon removed and those bios versions over written with newer versions that they added features to... Go figure right... "Over clocking non-K, or new board features" YOU CHOOSE!!!! Well, I found that old bios version online (Thanks to the person who saved and posted it) then found the feature I wanted in the newer bios version and made my own custom bios version.. So I got my added features plus still had Overclocking enabled on my I7-4790... (I would like to add that I couldn't seem to make it work on any newer Gen Intel Chip, but I didn't have starting code to go from either.. Perhaps someone else could give it a whirl and make ALL 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th gen chips overclockable LIKE THEY SHOULDVE BEEN) lol
  8. I have a GA-X470 Aorus Gaming 7 Mobo with dual bios. One has the lastest, I think f.42 and the other has something like f.32 as a failover. Anyways, the issue started after a bios update back when F8 was released. Inside the Gigabytr Classic BIOS, under boot options, my WD SSD is there, but no windows boot manager. If I switch to "EZ Mode" the windows Boot manager shows up, I can change the boot order (for that boot only) and get right into windows. A reboot, or power failure cause it to just act like there are no drives installed with an OS on them. Idk if I'm missing a setting, but I hate going into the bios and manually selecting my HDD every time I have to restart. Here are screen shots of my BIOS settings. If anyone has some HELPFUL information, I'd love to hear it. And NO, I'm not going to reinstall Windows... GA X470 Aorus Gaming 7 mobo Ryzen7 1700x 8gb crucial DDR4 250gb WD NVME SSD boot drive 2x 2tb 12k RPM SAS drives for steam. Sapphire RX580 8gb Win10 pro
  9. Im sorry, I guess I was being rather confusing in my post. Let's forget about the RTX for a moment. Had anyone else seen the options to change from 25, 30, or 60hz, "disappear" in SOTTR, after updating to the newer drivers? My point was I used to have a 60hz option in a lot of different resolutions, and now I only see it under 1080 & 4k, inside the Tomb Raider graphics menu. I.e.: 1440 & 2k only have 30hz as an option for me now. I'd have to go back and check to see if I ever took a previous screenshot of my benchmark scores, but I swear I remember having 60hz as an option for them, using the old drivers.. With that being said, I almost remember when the games 1st came out, that I had to do something inside the Nvidia control panel to enable them, and when I installed the new driver today, I clicked the "Remove all previous..." Box when doing the install. Is everyone limited to 30fps in 1440 & 2k like I am? Or do you have a 60hd option under them? Thanks James
  10. So I was just doing some reading this morning and saw that Nvidia enabled RTX features on some GTX cards, like my GTX1070. So I checked, and updated my driver to the latest version. (My old Nvidia driver was from January) and launched SOTTR. A quick benchmark later and now all my frame rates are all goofed up, even with RTX disabled. I've also checked, and other than 1080 and 4k resolutions showing the 60hz options, everything else only has the 30hz option. I'm using a 4k 240hz display, so I doubt that is my problem.. Final note, with resolution set at 4k 60hz in game, on Ultra w/o RTX I average 48fps using in game benchmark,.. Basically, I want to drop my resolution to "2k" and enable RTX with the hopes of getting better than the 30fps I'm being limited to. (And still run ultra settings) 4k-60hz w/ RTX on Ultra is crawling at 20fps, so that just won't work... And 1080-60hz w/RTX gets me like 58, but it's 1080, so it still looks like poop... Does Anyone know a work around or a way to force the game to add in the option for higher framerates on the lower resolutions? Any thoughts??? And please!!! No negative replies!!! And NO, I don't wish to rollback drivers, because I'd like to give the RTX feature a whirl.. (But maybe will later) Gigabytr Z370 Aorus Gaming Ultra Wifi-OP Core I7-8086k 5ghz all core OC 16GB DDR4-3200 WD Black 1TB NVMe SSD 32gb Intel Optane 2TB Sata SSD storage GTX 1070 FE
  11. Oh I know. Maryland sucks, but I didn't pick where I was born. And I can't afford to up and move right now, or I would. But, since commenting on this forum, I decided to try something new. I went to one of the local yards and "juiced" the yard managers palm with a crisp $20 and I got right in. I didn't realize that at 8am Monday morning was when all the e-waste leaves there, so they had a nice laugh, however... They also invited me back to pick and poke through whenever I want from now on. So if I can pick up a few core i5's and 7's then it'll be well worth it. They even told me the best day to come back to maximize my chances of finding some "quality scrap".. I'm going to add one thing. I first got the "you can't go back there" line like usual, but a little "Green" effort goes a long way with the type of highly educated people working in that high paying job..
  12. Just wondering, What is the Dell Service Tag for that Computer? There should be a build sheet associated, that will probably have the CPU Cooler P/N on it. Googling that P/N may provide you with an actual Thermal Rating, if you really care that badly.. I wouldn't worry about it tho. I would put it together just how she is...
  13. You will be fine. Dell prebuilds from that era used a standard case / cooler combo for many different models. What you may find, is that the temps will be higher with a 95w CPU over a 65w CPU, and the fans will run more, but the system will be with in temp specs. So you'll be fine... Just clean the dust out, scrape off the old thermal paste and apply some new stuff (Even cheap stuff) and You'll probably be around 65c average... Good Luck!
  14. So if anyone cares to know the answer. I figured it out.. The dell bios doesn't have a section (This one doesn't anyway) for the IRST to be set as the boot drive, like in other bios' I've seen. So... The steps basically are: 1) Set drives up as RAID 2) Disable Secure Boot (Have your Windows Installation USB Ready, with the "F6" drivers on it) *IDK if it's actually needed, but it worked when I did it this way* 3) Install Windows to the Spinning Disk (don't forget to press F6) 4) Download and install Intel Rapid Storage Tech Version 5) Open IRST and Enable Drive Acceleration under the "Performance" tab 6)DO NOT Update IRST to the latest version. (Technically you can, but you loose options available in 15.2) ****From Version After Updating**** "Intel Smart Response Technology is NOT supported in this version of the IRST Driver. Note: Booting from previously existing Instel Smart Response Technology volumes is allowed" ( I'm NOT using an Optane Drive... I think the newest version is designed to only work with optane) Now you're up and running with an SSD cache drive for your spinning disk.
  15. I have this precision 3620. running I7-7700 w/ 8gb ram Currently has 1x 1tb WD Spinning disk. I'd like to use a 32gb M.2 SSD to speed up the system using Intel Rapid Stoarge Tech. The Intel Rapid Storage tech driver is available for the system on dell downloads page. When I install it, I have no way to use the SSD to boost performance. Usually, in the past with other computers i've done this to, I need to enable something in the bios under "intel Rapid start" or "intel raid" but there isn't anything like that for this one.. I called Dell support, but they won't help me becuase the M.2 wasn't "Purchased" from dell, even though its an M.2 pulled out of another DELL.. They said they can't support it, because its not "dell" Hardware. lol.. Can anyone here help me get this thing setup the way I want. (I really hate Proprietary Bios's just for this reason) Thanks James