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  1. JamesTheGreat

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Do a video about the DUMB ASS "21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act" and how it discriminates against DEAF people!!! Not to mention ruins gaming for most other people... There are A LOT more deaf people in the world playing video games than there are people without fingers or hands. This law is STUPID, and I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA WTF they created it for?? Maybe you can shine some light on it for me, or make a short video that can go Viral and we can have it undone!!!!
  2. JamesTheGreat

    Why isn't Ryzen3 WAY faster than Core I3???

    They SHOULD'VE been!!!!
  3. JamesTheGreat

    Why isn't Ryzen3 WAY faster than Core I3???

    I take that back... The Benchmark is WRONG!!!
  4. JamesTheGreat

    Why isn't Ryzen3 WAY faster than Core I3???

    Ryzen 3 is 4Cores 8Threads... Not 4... --- My Mistake.. 4Cores 4Threads
  5. JamesTheGreat

    Why isn't Ryzen3 WAY faster than Core I3???

    Oh I get that.. And that's more of a Gen Vs Gen view. I'm trying to look at is as an entire Chip Vs Chip view.. I'm seeing one chip with 2 times the "Horsepower" of the other, and I was assume you'd see more than a 10% increase from more than 50% more hardware crammed into the package. To break it down a little more... The Core I7-7600 vs I3-7100... The I7 (same gen) is 50% Faster... https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-7700K-vs-Intel-Core-i3-7100/3647vs3891 Furthermore.. The I7(7th gen) And Ryzen5 have the same amount of cores/threads.. So why isn't Ryzen5 performing on an I7 level??
  6. So I was just checking on some benchmark scores between the AMD and Intel (last gen) line ups, and noticed something a little ODD... Can anyone shine some light on why Ryzen 3's with their 4c4t performance, only comes in at 20% more powerful then the Core I3's 2c4t's of the same era? I'm pretty sure by my count, 4cores is more than 2core, and 8threads is more than 4threads... So Why isn't RYZEN 2 times faster than the core I3's?? The Ryzen 3 1200 is the second of AMD's new entry level CPUs which feature the latest Zen core architecture, as already seen in the Ryzen 5 and 7 series. Like its sister, the Ryzen 3 1300X, the 1200 is a four core CPU which offers fantastic value for money. Priced at just $109, this unlocked processor has stock base / boost clock speeds of 3.1 / 3.4 GHz respectively, compared to 3.5 / 3.7 GHz for the 1300X. Early benchmarks show that the Ryzen 3 1200 is worthy competition to Intel's six month old and currently 50% more expensive i3-7320. This may make the fact that the 1200 comes without integrated graphics more forgivable. The dual core, hyperthreaded i3-7320 beats the 1300 in single threaded tests by over 20% but the 1200 wins in multi-threaded tasks, scoring 10% higher for quad-core benchmarks, making the Ryzen 3 1200 a better choice for thread intensive workloads. [Jul
  7. JamesTheGreat

    M.2 Sata PCIE Card w/ RAID

    Yeah, that would be the Ideal solution, however these things are only worth like $10-$15 on ebay before shipping, so selling all of them wouldn't get me cash. And, the size of the old M.2 Driver wasn't really my point. The idea behind this post, like a lot of my posts, Isn't to find a better way to do things, or even the way that someone else wants to do things. It's because I'm looking for a piece of hardware, and either didn't have much luck searching for it myself, or what I found seemed so out there in price that I couldn't believe my own eyes.. With that said, I am really thankful for the time, advice and Ideas that everyone contributes to my posts like this.
  8. JamesTheGreat

    M.2 Sata PCIE Card w/ RAID

    I have a bunch on older 32GB M.2 M+B Sata SSDs sitting around...I'm looking for a PCIE card / adapter that will allow me to combine storage space from lets say 4-6 of these, then use them as one large drive, WITHOUT tying up a sata port for EACH SSD... I've seem something similar that'll use 2 or 4 M.2 NVME PCI SSD's over a singe PCIe slot, which has a built in raid controller.. Even if the board for my m.2 sata ssd's has 4 M.2 sata slots and only 1 Sata cable connector out, I'd be fine with that...For starters If anyone knows of anything like that, or even something close, Please let me know or post a link or something. Thanks James
  9. Well, At this point, they still have the board.... Its my understanding that gigabyte won't ship it back to me broken, unless I want to spend another $30 for return shipping and considering I already paid $30 for shipping it to them for the RMA, just to not have the initial problem fixed, then have them damage something else, isn't really ideal in any way shape or form. If it was just some caps that were knocked off, I would've never shipped it to them in the 1st place, and would've just soldered them on myself. But they weren't off when it left my possession. I sent it out, because the board was getting more and more unstable, then finally one day crashed and wouldn't turn back on at all.
  10. Thats my point.. Thats the picture Gigabyte sent me... They weren't all knocked off like that when i shipped the board out.. They did it there, but now they are saying "its not covered under warranty" because of the physical damage... But... They Caused it..
  11. I had sent back my Gigabyte GA-ab350-Gaming3 to Gigabyte under warranty, as the board became unstable. I just received an email from Gigabyte saying it wasn't covered under warranty, because the board is now "physically damaged". I asked them how it was damaged, and they sent me a picture of the board showing a small spot where 1/2doz capacitors have been knocked off the board, but are STILL THERE in the picture, placed into a nice small pile.. My point is, if I caused the damage, the caps would've been long lost by the time i boxed and packaged up the board, and then it shipped via ups ground from Maryland to California. Yet there were able to find all of them in a nice pile on the board... I think someone there damaged it and are trying to rip me off.. Can anyone help me? Here the pic they sent me:
  12. So for the Gigabyte Z-370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Wifi-OP Motherboard, Gigabyte released a bios update earlier this week. Bios F12B. Their website doesn't say much about what the update does other than: 1)Update CPU Microcode, 2)Improve system stability and performance... I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can find out more specifically what this update addresses.. What "stability and performance" issues is it fixing?? The only issue I'm having is I have Intel VT-D turned on, and all of my VM software's are still showing it disabled and won't allow me to use any 64-bit virtual OS's... Thanks, James
  13. JamesTheGreat

    GA-A320M-H VRM overheat?

    It's actually a little deeper than what I explained, but for the purpose of what's on a VRM, you could use either term. Really, what everyone commonly refers to as just a "heat sink" is actually a "Heat Sink with intergrated radiator". The "Heatsink" itself is the solid part on the bottom which only increased thermal mass.. The "w/ intergrated radiator" part, refers to the fins themselves. This is what actually transfers the heat from the heatsink to the surrounding air... Since the VRM's would've been cooled by a "Heatsink w/ intergrated radiator" its really ok to use the terms interchangeably. (in this case, but not always... This is a correction from my earlier post)
  14. JamesTheGreat

    GA-A320M-H VRM overheat?

    Upon double checking, Your useage of the word "radiator" in place of "heatsink" is perfectly ok. My text book defines them as: Heatsink - "A device that helps in the transfer and dissipation of unwanted heat or energy"... A Heat Exchanger Radiator- "A device used in the dissipation of heat from one area to another" ... A Heat Exchanger These two definitions are almost identical and because of that I would say that the terms could be used interchangeably. Only flaw I would see, is that most people associate a Radiator with cooling using a fluid, and heat sink as not.. However, because of heat pipes, saying that a radiator has fluid and heatsinks do not, is just a false statement as heatsinks with heatpipes also contain a very small amount of fluid. So calling the Heatsink on the VRM's a Radiator is technically ok, because it's "Radiating" the heat from the VRM to the surrounding air. (From one substance "VRM" to another "AIR")
  15. JamesTheGreat

    GA-A320M-H VRM overheat?

    No worries.. EVERYONE knew what you meant anyway.. That's just people busting your chops for using the wrong term, because everyone one here is perfect and their feces doesn't stink... lol