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  1. After trying for many days i'm still here troubleshooting this motherboard, so basically i tried everything, only cpu, different ram in every single slot (even one module at the time), no graphics card. basically the debug codes are random, sometimes it gets stuck on 71, sometimes on b2, sometimes it gets to 99 it turns on the screen but gives me a "dxe"error of some sorts. One time i also got into the bios but i din't have a usb flash drive ready to update the bios and so i turned it off and never managed to get it back to post. I'm pretty sure both of the bios are just broken so basically i've been trying for 4 days to get to post and haven't been succesfully. Does anyone have any idea? If the bios is bricked can i get the mobo to work again? Someone spoke to me about reballing and i checked on the internet what it was and i really don't feel safe in doing that. Any idea? (sorry for some errors in writing but i'm not english and so i just hope in writing well)
  2. Ok thanks again, I'll let you know if I have any further problems or questions
  3. Ok i'll try that when i get home but the fact is that as i said i only changed mobo and ram was working. I guess i'll also try different slots then. Is it possible that a short either on the mobo or the psu burned one of my modules?
  4. Hi everyone, I don't know if something similar has already been posted but i'm having a issue with a z97 gaming 7 motherboard that i bought. It gets stuck on debug code 71 which the manual says it's late south bridge initialization. Also this motherboard bas two bios so i tried switching but it gives code 99 which is console output input devices initialization. So i'm basically stuck with my troubleshooting and since is my first time building i really dont know what to do. My build has: Z97 gaming 7 motherboard Intel core i5 4460 cpu Kingston ddr3 2x8 1600mhz ram Asus gtx 750 gpu I tried posting just with ram and cpu, and i also tried cpu only but obviously it gives even another debug code. I also tried changing psu cables but i know for sure everything worked because it was already built and i just changed the motherboard. I hope someone can help me. Marco