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  1. Hey guyz Sorry for my bad english. My friend is giving me logitech g402 for 13 USD it is 3 month used but i have a low budget.. i wanted to ask that is it a good mouse for gaming or should i wait and save some money and buy different mouse?
  2. I have cooler master masterair ma410p with 2 fans.. but i will upgrade my cooler to cooler master masterair ma620p which is a pretty good cooler
  3. Thanks for everyone respone.. amd release new driver update on 4th November.. and that solve me issue now my card is not throttling
  4. I have already set my fan speed at 100%.. i mentioned in my post that i have a single fan rx 570 .. it's a small card with small heatsink and one fan.. and a tdp of 120w..
  5. My mobo is asus p6t non SE.. I also wanted to say that i have some cooling limitations too.. i found 1.4v to be the end spot for my cooling.. otherwise it will throttle.. are these w36xx run hotter then x56xx chips at same voltages?
  6. Hey guyz Sorry for my bad english Since my x5670 is not a good overclocker... I tried everything beleive me.. but it doesn't wanna go above 4.1ghz .. now my friend has w3690 and he is fine if will exchange my x5670 with his w3690.. now i wanna know that are w3690 better bin? According to my knowledge they are unlocked chips they have higher chances to hit 4.5ghz .. but i wanted to make sure that..
  7. right now i found my gpu stable at 1360 core at 1085v and memory at 1750 at 850v.. i have to lower the voltages otherwise it will it 73c immediately and starts throttling
  8. but 73c is not that high temps for this gpu.
  9. Hey guyz. Sorry for my bad english. I have an RX 570 4GB saphire ITX single fan.. i am using it for about 6 months now.. and now i wanted to overclock the hell out of it.. i don't why but my gpu throttles at exact 73c .. i did some testing and i am pretty sure that it is not power throttling.. it happens it exact 73c no matter what i do.. i used wattman for overclocking.. though I also tried msi afterburner but it is exact same.. i increased power and temp limit.. i think before increasing the power and temp limit it starts throttling at high 60s.. i tried flashing saphire rx 570 dual fan bios but i got the same result.. i have also replaced thermal paste.. i wanna know is there anyway to just get rid of my thermal throttling?
  10. I am testing my card for about 6 hours now.. and i think its power limit.. which i can only increase to 50% is there any way to increase it more?
  11. But if i wanted to push it anyway? Can i flash other rx 570 bios into it?
  12. I searched online and i didn't find anything.. i think rx 570 doesn't have vrm sensor. And by looking at the card the thermal pads were like new
  13. I didn't see an option to check my vrm temps? Is there any?
  14. Hey guyz. Sorry for my bad english. I have an Saphire ITX RX 570 4GB Single fan.. i am running this card for about 6 months. now i wanted to overclock it to the max.. since i am overclocking my gpu since morning but i can't overclock it as far as i want because as soon as i set my core more 1320mhz and fan at 100% my gpu starts throttling after hitting 73c.. don't know why.. i think 85c are safe for these gpus in my opinion still is there any way to solve this issue? and also wanted to mention this issue is still in my way even after increasing the temp and power limit through msi afterburner.. though these options helps me a little bit because before that the gpu was throttling at 65c.. please help me.. i think it is because of this single fan edition that the tj maxx is lower.. if it is possible to flash other rx 570 bios into it i'll do that..