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  1. Thanks everybody I'll probably replace it then
  2. Hey guyz Sorry for my bad english. I have an old thermal take smart 650w psu which was working perfectly fine.. but recently it rained heavily in my area.. which causes something to it.. i know for fact there wasn't a single drop of water got inside to my pc.. but i don't what made my psu to not work anymore.. it's not completely dead.. motherboard light is turning on but pressing the power button doesn't do anything.. i tried everything i could.. i tried different power supply and that worked perfectly fine. I also wanted to tell you that it didn't died immediately.. after rain it wasn't working but after a day or so it started working.. and this happened several times that it is working one day and not working another day.. i tried cleaning it with alcohol but still nothing happened.. all i can say that i can arrange tools to repair it if i have a proper guide since i am noob when it comes to electronics.. any help will be appreciated
  3. Hey everybody. Sorry for my bad english.. I have an rx 570 saphir single fan model.. it has only one 6 pin pci connector.. since it was a single fan it was underclocked a little bit @1244mhz.. i am able to hit 1360 without any issue but after that i am having power issues .. because i reach 150w and my cards starts to throttle.. i have already set power and temp limit to max.. the main bottleneck is the single 6 pin pcie connector.. because i found something on fourms that pcie slot can provide 75w and a single 6 pin connector can also provide 75w maxx.. and i always throttle when i reach 150w .. so i wanna ask is there any way to provide more power to my card? Again sorry for my bad english
  4. Hey everybody. Sorry for my bad english.. I have an RX 570 saphire single fan edition.. it is about the same as other rx 570s it is just underclocked to 1264 mhz.. since the original fan of the cooler was broken by a mistake.. i attached a decent fan with it and surprisingly it was giving me even better temps then original.. i overclocked the card 1400mhz which i couldn't do with the original cooler.. since i overclocked my card in winter now it is summer in my country and it get quite hot.. my card is now hitting 70c which is the temperature limit of that card for some reason.. i tried everything i increased the temperature limit with msi afterburner but didn't get any result.. as soon as my card hits 71c it starts throttling.. i also tuned my voltages but still it is hitting 70c.. i reapplied the thermal paste but still got no luck whatsoever.. since in my opinion 70c is not really dangerous for the card.. i was thinking that is there any way to increase that limit? And also increase the power limit if that's a case.. is it possible to edit vbios in such a way that those thing will increase.. since msi afterburner doesn't help .. Hoping for your replies
  5. But then the quality will drop significantly .. due to the poor amd encoder.. i think i am fine with those fps which i am getting with x264.. it never drops below 60.. yeah i know it's not ideal for streaming but it's not that bad
  6. I saw my cpu to go as much as 80% while streaming apex.. yes i am getting lower fps then i should but that is not that different streaming from the same system will always cost some fps
  7. Just wanna make things easier for me that's why.. But thanks for your reply really appreciate it
  8. Hey guyz. Sorry for my bad english. I have a pretty old machine.. the specs are : Xeon X5670 @4.20 ghz on asus p6t mobo 12 gb ddr3 ram in triple channel rx 570 4gb now the problem is i am streaming on youtube for quite a while but now i am trying to tweek the quality a little bit of my stream.. so now i m using the following major settings in streamlabs OBS.. Bitrate : 3500 Encoder : x264 software Fast preset now i am not sure some people in the chat are suggesting me.to use an amd hardware encoder.. the reviews i heared about amd encoder are not really good.. so i wanna ask is it better then x264? i wanna get a temporary solution for my quality.. i will upgrade my gpu to nvidia for NVENC encoder.. but i need some time.for that and i cannot stop streaming right now so anyone who will help me i will really appreciate that
  9. Hey Everybody. Sorry For My Bad English. I have an old Asus P6T (non SE) X58 Motherboard.. i know it is a really old pc but it still can play modern AAA titles without any issue.. but recently when i purchased new x58 mobo because my old one died it has a weird issue.. this mobo bios is glitched out.. they are soo laggy and also i think it makes my pc to not post some times and then i have to clear CMOS.. i am sure my overclocking is stable and also without overclocking the problems remain same.. i have changed my processor, ram and graphic card but the problem still same..the problem is only with the bios because when the system turns on it remains stable and does not do any weird thing.. i found peoples flashing asus p6t bios on p6t deluxe i wanted to know can i do the same thing? because i tried flashing the same bios again but the problem remain same.. i flash the older bios but the problem still remain same.. and 2 things that makes me think that it is definitely my bios which is doing some wierd thing is that the title bar of my bios does not animate like other same motherboards.. and when i flash bios with asus ez flash it glitch the colors of that until i restart my pc..
  10. Hello everybody Sorry for my bad english I have a basic asus p6t model(non SE) my motherboard bios has some kind of problem that they are not that responsive and they are laggy too.. and the title bar of that is also not animating as other same model board i have seen so far.. and the main issue with them are that my pc sometime doesn't boot then i have to manually restart my pc then it resets my bios settings and it boots.. i am sure that my overclocking is 100% stable.. i have done each and every test with my oc.. my bios are the latest bios on asus website and i also replaced the CMOS battery.. now i saw some peoples online that they have force flashed asus p6t bios in p6t se and v2 deluxe.. so csn i do the same thing?
  11. Hey guyz Sorry for my bad english. My friend is giving me logitech g402 for 13 USD it is 3 month used but i have a low budget.. i wanted to ask that is it a good mouse for gaming or should i wait and save some money and buy different mouse?
  12. I have cooler master masterair ma410p with 2 fans.. but i will upgrade my cooler to cooler master masterair ma620p which is a pretty good cooler
  13. Thanks for everyone respone.. amd release new driver update on 4th November.. and that solve me issue now my card is not throttling