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  1. Hello everyone Sorry for my bad english I have kind of a faulty 1060 6gb hp oem varient.. i mean i am using it for a year perfectly fine but i have to underclock it a bit.. i need to run it at 1600 mhz on core and by doing that it works absolutely fine in every game or mining.. but now i just switched to hive os since i have about 10 gpus now(amd and nvidia both). And windows just doesn't work stable with that many cards and also my rig is at a very long distance from my home and hive os make me do everything remotely. Now when i use it on hive os that faulty gpu give cuda err
  2. Hello everyone. sorry for my bad english. I want some help from you guyz to help me out for overclocking my 1060s 6gb specifically for mining. i just bought 3x 1060 6gb pny blower they are working fine but the hashrate is about 18mh. which is quite low for a 1060 6gb.. my other cards can do 20mh easily. but don't know if i can push it a bit further.. i am currently running it on hive os with ethminer.. the core clock is -250 (since i tried +200 and it basically didn't make a difference) memory clock is +600 ( which is +300 in msi afterburner) . power limit is at 80w. now i tri
  3. Ok i am going to try it with my gaming system tomorrow that has 16gb ram.. maybe that can confirm it.
  4. Hello everyone Sorry for my bad english I am new to mining stuff.. i recently upgraded my mining rig because i was earning a really good profit.. i have 4x 1060 6gb and 2x rx 470 4gb.. now before upgrading i was using only 2x rx 470s and they were working absolutely fine.. now yesterday when i was upgrading my mining rig.. i was having alot of issues.. like when i connected 4x 1060 6 gb.. nb miner just give me a msg (out of memory) and then keeps restarting.. i google about that and some peoples solved this problem by increasing virtual memory .. i did that and it randomly wor
  5. Hello everyone Sorry for my bad english I started mining with a single 1060 6gb months ago because i saw that nicehash method really really easy.. but now i am into mining and running six 1060 6gb on nicehash.. i have not that many complaints other then a blue screen sometimes. But still i am hearing alot about hiveos.. now i think i have that much knowledge that i can switch to different platforms.. but still i wanted to know that should i switch? Since i have seen some guyz on internet having lower power consumption and increase in profit after switching to hiveos.. I don't
  6. Hello everyone Sorry for my bad english. I am building a separate pc for mining.. i am not investing that much right now.. my first question is i am getting intel dq45cb motherboard for very cheap and since in gpu mining we really don't need a good cpu that should be enough. it's an quad core cpu that could easily run windows and nicehash. now the question is dq45cb has one 16x pcie slot and two 1x slots. now i know we can connect risers but still i wanted to confirm can i connect two more gpus to my 1x slots? in short can i connect a total of 3 gpus to this board? and also w
  7. umm i am not intending it to use for anything i might try it,, but if it is linux based os then idk what i have to use for oc
  8. looking at these replies makes me happy that i am using nicehash.. but i wanna talk about nicehase os? should i use it? does it have some benefits?
  9. so what do you prefer.. what i should use for mining? since i am using my current pc for gaming that's why i was using nice hash since it is pretty much a single click option for me. now i am building a system just for mining what would you prefer to get the maximum out of my hardware?
  10. Hello everyone Sorry for my bad english. i am kinda new to mining. i am mining with my xeon x5670 @4.0 ghz and gtx 1060.. i am just mining with my 1060 since cpu mining is not an profitable. now the question is i am building a separate pc for mining.. my friend has an old q6600 pc.. now i am wondering can i use that and put a graphic card in it for gpu mining? i guess it should work because having a weaker cpu should not effect my gpu mining performance right? and it is good enough to run windows 10 . BTW i am using nice hash for mining.
  11. hmm ty for your suggestion bro i stopped overcloking on CPU now
  12. hmm okay i stopped my cpu from Nicehash.. let see my electricity bill next month. i will share results here
  13. ok thanks alot.. also is it necassary for me to disable my CPU overclock when i mine GPU? will it make a big difference when idling? because disabling overclock again and again will be a hassle for me since i use my pc for gaming too.
  14. Hello Everyone Sorry for my bad English. i am new to mining stuff. i just started mining last month. i am facing some problems right now. hope i can get some solutions from here. i watched linus latest video on Nicehash Mining. and i am using nicehash miner (not using quickminer) i have a old gaming system with x5670 xeon @4.00 Ghz @1.34v, 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB. so i was getting a pretty good hash rate with my GPU about 20 - 21 MH/s @80-83 Watts i thought i should use my cpu too for mining. and started doing that too .. now my cpu is also mining for about 0.30$ USD. But toda