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  1. Herro! So I build a gaming cafe, I got the Administration software *Antamedia* down the only thing is for the life of me I can't figure out how the Steam Site server works, or where I find commercial Licenses for games, or which steam account I buy the games on. I lost. Willing to CashApp &or venmo for your time. Thanks Guys! ~Angular View my place IMG_0222.MP4
  2. IMG_2064.mp4 A quick look at our test system. It runs like a champ ~Angular
  3. Call satan 1-800-666-6666, he might be able to fix this. ~Angluar
  4. Hey guys, little update. We started painting the walls, Built a test system and are going strong. Thanks again guys!!! Now to find some good internet cafe software!! ~ Angular
  5. I'll be heading in around 2 hours. Ill be uploading some photos of the room we're going to be turning into the lan. Hope to see some more amazing support! ~ Angular
  6. Winner Winner chicken dinner if you ever find your self in dallas TX email me. ~Angular
  7. Yeah that's very true. ill be looking into titanium ~Angular
  8. We will have the building ppl send electrician, adding in more plugs and be using surge protective power strips. Can't lose a 20k investment. Gold does sound like a good idea. ~Angular
  9. Put that into a pc part picker link and its sounds like a plan Awesome! ~Angular
  10. Because I'm boujee… Also I plan to pirate all windows keys jk. ~Angular
  11. Intel for life unless it is to save money, then there goes my fanboy stuff. ~angluar
  12. My past experiences with water cooling haven't brought up problems with the pump being too loud. Thanks for the insight! ~Angular
  13. I was planning on sources materials new yes, but now I see going a couple gens back wasn't as cost efficient as I thought. ~Angular