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  1. Fullmental

    LG V20 Phone Case

    I've had an LG V20 for 2 years now, and I use these cases and screen protectors on it. Not a scratch on the device and I've never had an overheating notice. Case - Spigen Tough Armor Designed for LG V20 Case (2016) Screen Protector - [2-Pack] Supershieldz for LG V20 Tempered Glass Screen Protector, [Full Screen Coverage] Anti-Scratch, Bubble Free, Lifetime Replacement (Black)
  2. Fullmental

    PWM fan controller will not control fan speed!

    Interesting. So I tried plugging in the hub to the cpu fan header and sure enough it works. I guess 4 pins doesn't mean pwm support when it comes to fan headers. Thanks for the suggestion! So right now I have the hub plugged into the cpu fan header and my cpu fan plugged into the sys1 fan header, and I've just put an aggressive fan profile on the sys fan header and tied it to the cpu temps. Apart from fan warnings, is there any reason I can't just leave it that way?
  3. Fullmental

    PWM fan controller will not control fan speed!

    The system runs Ubuntu Server and the sensors are not detected correctly on it, so software is not a solution.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to build a decent home theater PC that will double as a rendering machine during off hours. Basically, I want the capability to push as much air as possible through from 2am-7am when I push new jobs to the machine, but the rest of the time it needs to sit and idle quietly in my living room, handling at most 1-2 streams or 1 transcode via Plex or Emby (I use both - it's a long story...). With this in mind, I've designed a system with 5 case fans (2 x 80mm in the back - it's all the case supports -, 1x 120mm on the top, and 2 x 120mm at the front. All the fans I purchased are Noctua brand, PWM fans. I've set a fan profile in the motherboard that will turn off the system fans at idle and half load temps, and only ramp them up when the CPU pushes beyond 65F or so to provide some extra cooling. Of course, my motherboard only has two system fan headers, so after verifying that each fan worked with the settings I wanted when plugged in directly, I went out and bought the Silverstone CPF04 PWM fan controller. And that's where the problem starts. For some reason, this PWM-capable fan controller will only run my fans at 100%. All the time. This being a living room home theater PC situated right next to the TV, you can imagine that it does not go unnoticed, even when a movie is on. That's what five fans will do, I suppose. I'm at a loss. I've tried every combination of fan headers in the CPF04, and nothing changes.The fans are always on at 100%. Looking in the bios, the motherboard detects the fan controller running and gets a fan speed from the speed detection header (specifically marked) of about 1750RPM, which is right around the max speed of the noctua fans. Only problem is, the PWM control doesn't seem to pass along to the fan to slow them down. I've tried getting an exchange on the fan hub, and I've tried reaching out to Silverstone's support team (they insist I must be using 3 pin fans - I think I would know that much!), and now I'm out of ideas. What else can I do at this point? Is there a "better" known good fan hub that doesn't cost too much, and doesn't require a drive bay or large amount of space to mount? Could it be a motherboard compatibility issue? I don't want to buy another hub and wind up with the same exact issue, and I certainly don't want to try and source another motherboard for this system as it's already a two generations behind and paying another $70-$100 just seems like a waste for fan support of all things. I'd really like to get this solved. Right now I just have one intake and one exhaust fan set up and it's fine for the home theater (in fact the fans barely come on), but that simply won't cut it when the CPU is running at full tilt. Right now I'm manually disconnecting and reconnecting the fan hub every time I need it to run overnight, which is definitely not ideal! Parts list is below: Motherboard: MSI CSM-H110M Pro-VHL Fans: 2x 80mm Noctua NF-R8 reduc 1800 PWM 4-pin Fans: 3X Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM, 4-pin Fan Hub: Silverstone CPF04
  5. So umm...do they make one with 10 or 15 HDMI inputs? Asking for a friend... Seriously though, it'd be cool if they did Plex or Emby support as well, if they don't already.
  6. That's kind of the point dude, instead of buying a digital license you can rip your own blurays and have digital access to them.
  7. Not without breaking the forum rules, no. But there is a DVD software tool that is quite Fabulous at it.
  8. I've ripped known Cinavia discs and they still run on Plex just fine. Literally never had an issue. And if for some reason *you* do, just try some google-fu. It's not hard to find a solution.
  9. I believe you in that the cooling is not the best, but notebookcheck does not call out cooling as a major issue, and they are a very thorough review site. It does note throttling under synthetic loads, but it does not note inconsistent performance while gaming. It merely notes slightly below average gaming performance as a tradeoff for the thin and light design compared to most convertibles on the market with similar specs. When you factor in cost, form factor, and performance, it is still worth considering depending on a person's priorities.
  10. There's no convertible on the market that doesn't have a "cooling issue" as you call it. The yoga and the spin will throttle the cpu regardless if you pump enough power through them. You're literally buying a system that compromises between cooling and form factor.
  11. Yeah, I think those are a nice value but they're much less portable than a detachable design, so they weren't for me personally. You may want to check out the acer nitro spin 5 as a comparable, it uses the 8th gen u series so it gets by with a smaller battery for more efficient performance. The end result is a lighter unit with a longer load battery life, if gaming unplugged is your thing. Notebookcheck has reviews on both the yoga and nitro spin 5 with 1050 graphics.
  12. Yeah but you don't buy GTA IV to listen to the specific in-game music tracks. You DO however buy a movie on iTunes to own and be able to watch said movie.
  13. Yes, I always buy physical and if I want a digital copy I'll rip it myself to throw on Plex or whatever. Never lost a "license" to my own purchased movies yet lol
  14. Isn't this sort of arrogance something Microsoft already got in trouble with the EU for 5 years ago? I can't imagine this will go over well.