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  1. i would get the xbox because im like you idc for 4k i have a 1080p 144hz monitor but the reason why im getting the ps5 is because playstation always have some amazing exclusives and they always destroy xbox exclusives and xbox exclusives are on pc aswell so its not really exclusive and the ps5 is more powerful than the xbox s
  2. so i built my second pc about 1 year ago and around march this year some games where crashing and its been getting worse and worse and now every time i play fortnite or red dead 2 it crashes 30 mins to 1 hr anyways i kept getting a gpu error when it crashed so i thought it was my gpu so i did a rma and i still get the crashes so then i thought its the power supply so i got a new psu today "be quiet! Pure Power 11 600W, BN627, 80 Plus Gold, Power Supply" and i still get the crashes any idea what you guys think it is ALSO after my game crashes my pc freezes every 10 seconds then comes back 1 second later (update) i reinstalled windows twice i use ddu and i did prime95 and furmark for 1hr and noo crash im super confused and lost. Specs Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H ryzen 5 1600 Radeon PULSE RX 590 8GB DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX GT BK, CPU Air Cooler i added pics of the fortnite error log
  3. Thank you so much lol it looked like one so wasn't sure
  4. Hello guys my old macbook air (2012) recently broke so I decied to take the ssd out of it and put it in my gaming rig for additional storage heres the issue apple nvme ssds are 18+8 pin and I'm guessing my motherboard port is 18+5pin so is there any adapter I could get or any other way I can resolve my problem? Thank you in advance!
  5. i play alot of gta5 and fortnite mostly triple A games
  6. should i get a rx580 4gb for 224.99 or a 8gb for 259.89 and do i really need the extra 4gb thank you!
  7. Sadly I don’t have any parts to swap with I checked all cables still same problem
  8. Irked I tried to clear cmos it did not work problem occurred again
  9. how do you clear the cmos and i did try the rams stick thing
  10. my friend has a alienware pc he said we he plays some games the game freeze his whole computer and shutdown or restarts i took a look at his pc and cleaned it out add new thermal paste then turned it on for the first time then it made a beep then pause and then beep again it just kept doing that so i turned off the pc and searched up on the internet and it said that beep sequence means a motherboard failure then i looked into the problem and found out if i take out the cpu the beeping stops but obviously i cant use a pc without a cpu so i dont know what is broken the cpu or motherboard (here is what happend to his pc while playing games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ3yXpY5yoc&feature=share)