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  1. I have an old GT 9500 1GB DDR3 I don't really care about. The fan was broken and I got it for free a while ago. Decieded to play around with it to see how far I Can push it. DIY-ed a cooler and now it's not exceeding 55 °C with the max settings I could get on MSI Afterburner with the max voltage. I wonder if there is some software which would allow me to push more voltage into it since there is a lot of temperature room so I could get a bit better overclock.
  2. On a scale from 1-10 how likely it is that it'll let the magic smoke out. I don't care for the PSU's at all but it would suck if the rest of the components die+ I could get electricuted and die from it.
  3. I don't know if it's 300W. Just if it isn't is dual PSU a option.
  4. So, i just upgraded my old pc to a lga 1155 board with a 1050 Ti and have a shit ton of spare parts. And my broke friend wants a pc that can do some gaming. I have 4 ancient PC's (one is really old but not old as the rest of them+ 2 of them are not at my place), The build is: Gigabyte lga 775 board, Pentium E5700 3.0GHz, Asus gtx 6502GB (the version that doesn't require any aditional power connectors) a 60GB SSD, a 40GB and a 320GB HDD. The problem is the PSU.1 PC has a 230W PSU,2. has a 160W PSU,3. probably has a 300W PSU (not sure) and the 4th probably has one which is less than 300W (almost certain). I saw at a yt video Dual PSU's. He didn't plug the 4 pin connectors in the adapter and the psus dont have 2 4pin connector, just one for the CPU and the motherboard uses a 20pin. So I could get the motherboard working and have enough PSU power to power the PC. Just want some opinions on this if this is possible or just a really dumb idea thats gona let the magic smoke out.
  5. I don't need a good motherboard because I don't plan to upgrade any time soon. My i5 2500 is locked and I don't need something to overclock on. He has a crap load of PC parts and the DELL one is at the same price range. I already spent all of my saveings but I could ask my dad to step in a bit. Do I really need a branded motherboard or just go with the cheap one?
  6. Hey the guy who sold me the motherboard is really nice and wants to switch the motherboard. He has a DELL one at a simmilar price range and will it work with a 1050 Ti?
  7. It's the BIOS/UEFI problem. My cousins BIOS is from 2014. On another forum some guy said that EVGA will recognise a legacy BIOS. I tried it with a Gigabyte 1050 and it didn't work. I have a friend with an XFX Rx 560. Is there any possibility that AMD could work? Also my cousin is buying a 1050 Ti soon and what brand could work for me. We will switch if there is one. Or at least try out one that could work.
  8. My cousin also has a shit HP motherboard and it works on his motherboard.
  9. I did update the BIOS to the latest version.
  10. I spent all of my money on this already. And a 680 requires a new psu. I'm gonna try with my friends 1050(not Ti) and then take my PC to a PC service. I could sell my current GPU and buy a 680 and a PSU.
  11. I even switched the PSU, and still nothing. Any other idea what it could be?
  12. I swithched the PSU's (tried with my cousins psu which works with the 1050 Ti) and still the same thing. Tried with his old lga 1155 CPU and it didn't boot with any gpu.
  13. The 650 doesn't require any external power, I have the latest BIOS.