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  1. Suppose I have 2 identical SSDs. One with dram cache and one without. How much faster would the one with the dram cache be?
  2. I was overclocking my 1080p 60hz monitor to 75hz... although it worked the texts appear blurry... what should I do? also will this permanently damage my monitor?
  3. ooh. I'll try try that. Thanks for ur help
  4. yeah i'll try that. would a band-aid help till I get a new chair? (to reduce further rash)
  5. wont really help since my table is a bit high and when gaming ts easy to forget how my grip is, it just goes back to where it's most comfortable.
  6. I have a black/red mark on my wrist from using the mouse too much. What should I do to get it back to normal?
  7. Im having some problem with Uplay. It tells me that there is no connection but I have a stable internet connection. This problem started after I started downloading For Honor, the download went to about 5% with speeds of 10kbps . Then Uplay stopped connecting. Ive tried many fixes (except for a fix with told me to fiddle around in the host directory in System32). Has anyone else been having this problem? and how do I fix it?