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  1. Okay thanks, I will buy the QVO
  2. I need some more storage, my mobo has 2 m.2 slots and they're already in use so im going to buy an ssd, I was looking at samsungs EVO 860 and QVO 860 2tb Models but I dont know which one to choose, I can get the QVO 2tb for 210 USD and the 2tb EVO for 245 USD, ill primarily be storing games on it and wont do any editing where I move alot of files around all the time. Which one should I pick?
  3. Hey, so I’m currently playing cyberpunk and I’ve mostly been playing it on my monitor which is 144hz, with my current settings I run the game at around 60 fps which I definitely notice when playing, today I tried to switch over to my tv cause I wanted to play form the couch, however the game seems so much more smooth now compared to when I’m playing on my monitor. Not sure what hz my tv is but the game still runs on 60 fps so my TVs hz shouldn’t matter. Does anyone know why? I mean it’s noticeably different going from the monitor to the tv.
  4. The 120mm fans would still be mounted to the case and not the AIO tho, and the aio would just be tightened to the cases 140mm holes and sit behind the 120mm fans.
  5. Would it be possible for 120mm fans to cool a 280mm AIO? I have 3 120mm fans in the front of my case, and there is space for mounting 2 140mm fans, but I like the 3 fan setup, would it be possible to get a 280mm radiator and mount it in the 140mm mouinting holes and then just have the 120mm fans cool it on the front and 140mm fans cool it on the back?
  6. Hmm I see, I was just considering the 2000 rpm version since they can deliver a higher static pressure because they got 500 RPM more and they’re almost the same price as the chromax version where I live.
  7. Im considering one of these fans for my case, I know that usually the industrial fans are louder because they can run at higher RPMs, but what if they run both ran the same RPM is the sound coming from the fans still louder on the industrial one? Noctua NF-A14 2000RPM Noctua NF-A14 PWM Chromax 1500RPM
  8. I have actually, alot of times, heard really good things about them, I just can't stand that poop brown colour they have. If they made them in black I would buy them.
  9. You sure it's not just air bubbles? I mean it sounds a lot like this dudes AIO 2.31
  10. Thanks ill consider it, temps seems to be fine tho.
  11. its just the way my pc case is made, on top there is a dust filter which I think is to prevent any dust from falling into the case, if it wasn't there dust would just go inside when the pc is off. Its a corsair icue 465 rgb case.
  12. I've tried tapping on it but that didnt help much, here is a video I recorded of the sound. (Keep in mind you can also hear my fans in this video)
  13. static pressure wise they're the same?
  14. Which one of these fans would provide a better static pressure? I need two new fans for my case, they're gonna be exhaust fans and they have to be able to push air through a dust filter. I cant really find any comparisons online so I was hoping someone in here had experience with both fans.
  15. Pretty sure its air bubbles since it goes completely silent when I lay the case down on its side. But thank you I will try that.