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  1. What could I add to this? VID_20200122_194531.mp4
  2. Rgb psu shroud anyone? VID_20200122_194531.mp4
  3. I know this is why I asking why has it not be don't a full water block with an aio and that sweet rgb
  4. That don't look like an aio or a ni wrong??
  5. Has no one made a full block RGB watter cooler aio for a gup? Or have they and I just don't know about it?
  6. I was only 25 years old I loved RGB so much, I had all the Light and effects I pray to RGB every night before bed, thanking them for the life I've been given "RGB is love" I say; "RGB is life" My dad hears me and calls me a faggot I know he was just jealous of my devotion for RGB I called him a cunt He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep I'm crying now, and my face hurts I lay in bed and it's really cold Suddenly, a warmth is Glowing towards me It's RGB I am so happy He whispers into my ear "This is my case." He grabs me with his powerful strips and puts me down onto my hands and knees I'm ready I spread my ass-cheeks for RGB He penetrates my butt-hole It hurts so much but I do it for RGB I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water I push against his force I want to please RGB He light a mighty light as he fills my butt with his love My dad walks in RGB glows at him straight in the eyes and says "It's all glow now." Shrek leaves through my window RGB is love. RGB is life.
  7. This was asked on a fb group so I though I would bro g here to ask here So, has anyone tried building a rig with all parts bought from Ali Express/Wish/similar sites. Was it worth it? How much did you save?
  8. just like any outher OC then ty
  9. I got my 60hrz to get up 2 100hrz. So I right in thinking the lifespan reduction is equally a lottery. like any OC u do (just an add it has more in it top end is 120hrz )