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  1. Well at the end of the day it might be a program causing the crash of my computer, because it happened again. So I might have been too quick to exclude a program, and I'm pretty sure I found the bad guy. It's Corsair iCUE, my last crash I had iCue and other programs on a secondary screen, iCue was froze but other programs like MSI Afterburner was still responsive (only for a little while, at the end everything freeze). I did a little search on Google and I've found other people experiencing a very similar issue with this program, it's a shame because I need it. (multiple Corsair devices) It might only happen if the window of the software is open on a secondary screen (it do not happen every time but each time it crash, iCUE window is open, mainly to show temp, fans speed, etc ...) I'm gonna try that, if it does not work I will have to get rid of it.
  2. Na it was definitely not a program (because everything was progressively shutting down, which confirm what Emosun said), the first thing I did was to reverse everything I've installed/changed when the issue occurred, and it solved nothing. Since I've switched my SSD to another M.2 slot I had no more issue, it's still early but so far no problem, so if in 2 weeks it's still fine it will means that the M.2 slot is faulty or the connection between the SSD and the motherboard was loose (it was set in the bottom M.2 slot of the motherboard, with a screw and the radiator on top of it, there was no issues for months, that's why I don't think it was the problem but who knows.. I did moved my case multiple times, might be enough...)
  3. Yeah I'm nearly sure the SSD is faulty, I had another freeze today, which is the first time I have this issue twice in a day. I was playing Overwatch when it occurred again (this game is installed on a different SSD), and I saw some programs installed on my main SSD not responding on my other screens, I did an alt-tab and nothing running on my main SSD was responsive, but the game was still running fine! But after 1 minute the game froze too, I was still able to hear the other players shooting and so on... after 2/3 minutes, only the ambient music of the map was still playing, nothing more after that, forced to reboot. I'm gonna try to use the second M.2 slot and see how it goes. Thanks for your answer.
  4. Hi, 4 Months ago I've build a new PC : Motherboard : Asus X299 Prime Deluxe Processor : Intel i9 7900x OC @ 4.4 Ghz (cooler : H150i Pro) RAM : G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 Go DDR4 3200 MHz CL14 SSD : Samsung Nvme Evo 960 500go (M.2) GPU : GTX 1080 FE liquid cooled with NZXT G12 & Corsair H90 GPU2: Titan X PSU : Corsair HX1200i Windows 10 Pro x64 I had no issue so far but nearly 1 month ago I started to experience random freeze, during load or idle. When the freeze occur, everything is unresponsive but I can still move my mouse around my desktop, and when I hover some programs the mouse change with the loading circle. If the freeze happen when I'm listening music, the music continue to play during the issue. (but it will not play the next song or repeat) But at the end the PC will stay in this state indefinitely, no BSOD, no error, nothing. I have to reset the PC. The problem happen "rarely", I let my PC running h24, and this freeze occur 2/3 times max per week. I have 3 displays on my computer (main display on 1080FE 2 slaves display on the Titan X), and it generally happen when I'm working on my right screen (for some reason) So I've tried to : - Turn off my OC (I've stress tested my system for more than 3 hours without crash or issue, so I doubt the OC is the problem) - Uninstall & reinstall my graphic drivers properly (with DDU) - Check my Event Viewer for any clue but there is nothing (the Event Viewer only show an unexpected reboot...) - Different update (Bios, system drivers...) At this point I'm thinking the issue is from my M.2 Nvme ssd or my operating system. I appreciate any clue or test to help me to resolve this mystery...
  5. Hzn

    GTX 1080TI Brand

    Got the reply from Corsair, the customer support "believe" that the HG10 is not compatible with the 1080Ti! So at the end I will go with the NZXT Kraken G12 (thanks to their very detailed website) with the Corsair H90.
  6. Hzn

    GTX 1080TI Brand

    I've read that the HG10 was compatible with the 1080, but I don't know if it include the 1080 Ti, I assume both card should be similar. But since I can't find a real answer I've asked Corsair, so I will have my answer in a few days. And I know this rad is overkill but I have one in stock (had to switch to a H150i for the CPU), so I'm not gonna buy a new one if I can use this one. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Hzn

    GTX 1080TI Brand

    Hi, I've recently remade my entire PC except for the graphic card, the goal is to OC a GTX 1080 TI to achieve the best performance/quality when running games in 1440p at 144hz. (and to be ready for 4k 144hz) I have a H115i Pro available that I plan to use with a Corsair HG10 to watercool the card, but I was unable to find a test with this peculiar setup but I assume the GPU will be well cooled. So, do I need to care about the brand of the graphic card ? (since I will not use the stock cooler, the electronic part should be the same across every brand ?) The goal is to buy the cheaper one (which is INNO3D, at least in my country). Is there any problem to go with this brand or should I spend a bit more for MSI ? Any comment is also welcome if there could be an issue anywhere with this setup.