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  1. I have a PC which I use at home. That has faster CPU, core i-7 7700K, but I use this laptop when I need to travel and get my work done. LOL Thanks bro for your help.
  2. Ikr, I use Photoshop & Illustrator, Sometimes Cinema 4D for my work, as a Designer, I need my PC to respond faster, so that I can work smoothly. Thanks for your response bro! I appreciate that.
  3. I have a Lenovo G40-80 laptop, PF09SBYY, which is 5th generation Core i-5 5200U. I want to install a SSD into this laptop, but wondering whether I need to buy a M.2 SSD or a regular SATA SSD. Please guys help me out. I couldn't find any solution, because I don't know how to check if it supports NVME or not.