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    i5-8600K (Not OC'ed at the moment)
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    ASRock Z370 Extreme 4
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4 2400 MHz (OC'ed to 2600MHz)
  • GPU
    EVGA Black RTX 2070
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    Fractal Design Meshify C Light TG
  • Storage
    500GB Samsung Evo 860 SSD, 1TB WD 7200RPM HDD
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    EVGA G3 750W Modular
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    LG Ultrawide 1080p 75Hz and 768P Acer Monitor 60Hz
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    EagleTec Mechanical
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    Logitech Mouse
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    Integrated into motherboard
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. VR as a concept isn't a new thing, it has probably been imagined for centuries, but the actual technology needed to pull it off is new, 2016 was the year the vive came out I think, so that is pretty new. You actually took that out of context, full quote: "The difference between a monitor and a VR headset is like the difference between a Motorola flip phone and an Xs max. Completely different. VR isn't a gimmick because it is a new thing entirely" I was saying that is a new thing compared to "monitor" games. VR is completely different to monitors, it is a new thing , not an expansion of a existing thing. This phone is simply an expansion to the concept of a phone, and one that to me seems like a complete waste of money. You seem to have the idea that I was implying the technology was new, when what I was saying was that the format of VR is completely separate to anything we have seen before (i.e. regular "monitor" games) If there are any more of my comments that you would like to take out of context then go ahead, you also seem to have completely diverted from what this thread is about, instead focusing on one small comment made by me, ignoring the larger point of what I was saying. The time in history when VR became a thing doesn't matter for my point. (in fact, my original point was just that this phone seems like a gimmick and nothing to write home about, a sortof pointless addition that is so expensive it's not practical for the general public, the "VR being a gimmick" thing was started by someone else, not me, the only reason I mentioned VR was to explain why I needed a higher end GPU.)
  2. bradwiggo

    What GPU should I buy?

    Not sure which one you should buy but don't buy a 1030, they aren't worth their price in terms of performance.
  3. I never really understand what people mean when they say it has failed. By what measure has it failed, there is a huge amount of interest in it today, and do people still think the headsets are £800/900, because they aren't. The oculus rift is £350. I suppose that is a lot if you're not interested in it, but if you have a decent PC then it's no where near as much as that, so if you have the interest it isn't a huge amount of money to invest. I don't see how it is "broken" and "flawed". In what way is it broken? As for the movement, there are various solutions, all of which have been used in games, such as teleportation. A lot of regular games won't work in VR, if that is what you are looking for then you are missing the point. VR is a completely different thing to regular gaming and a lot of VR games simply aren't possible on a monitor. I suppose if you are looking at VR as just another way to play AAA games then yes it has failed, but that's like saying your laptop is crap because you can't use it for professional photography as a camera, you've missed the point. I'm not trying to change your opinion, I'm just wondering where you get the idea that is has failed, as I don't see it that way at all.
  4. Yes but it actually happening and being executed in a way that isn't crap is very new. Back before games consoles and TV nd the like there were those things you put an image in and you look through two lenses so the image sortof looks 3D, and you could argue that is VR, but that's like saying phones aren't recent as 10 years ago people would put string between two cans and talk to each other using it. The concept of VR actually being a thing one might want to use is a very new thing. Back then (20 years ago not the pictures 3D thing) I would have said VR was more like these phones, not that it was a gimmick, more just that it was in such an early stage it wasn't really worth it unless you just really like the idea and want to support/follow the development of it. So maybe in 20 years we will have foldable phone and they will be really good and not break if you try to put a screen protector on them, but until then, what's the real point for most consumers?
  5. I never claimed that someone might not get a use out of it, I just don't see the mass market appeal of it, and I don't see any reason why anyone could use one. People may have a reason to use them, fair enough, they can buy one, but I don't see what those reasons would be. I'm not trying to claim people aren't allowed to buy them, I just don't see the point, not only for me, but I don't see the point for anyone, maybe I am missing a market, fair enough, but I personally don't see the point.
  6. Having a lot of money doesn't mean the concept of value isn't important anymore, its still twice as expensive as top of the line phones and doesn't really justify that increase in price. Also normal phones are getting more expensive, so I can't see the price of these foldable ones coming down any time soon. Phones are largely a fashion accessory now anyways. I mean if you have the money and want to buy one, fair enough, I'm not trying to stop you, I just think these phones are less than useless, and that, as you said, a £150 phone is all you need, it does all of the same stuff a £1000 does, it just doesn't do it quite as quickly (but not to the point where it matters). My SE does absolutely everything I need it to, it's fast, responsive, fits in my pocket and the battery life is enough to get me through a day if I don't use it too much (and I have about 10 power banks to use if it does run out). I think Apple are selling them again for about £150, maybe a bit more (new, not refurbished). I don't really see why a £1000 phone is 6 times better than an SE, so I'm never going to think a £2000 is 12 times better. I wouldn't mind having a slightly better camera, or a slightly better battery life, or a slightly more convenient way of unlocking my phone, but I don't thin it's worth the money, same with this.
  7. Also isn't that illegal? At least in the UK with GDPR it should be I think.
  8. bradwiggo

    Is Apple Even TRYING?? – Airpods 2 Review

    Why did they call them airpods 2, they should have called them airpods s. They do that with their phones, may as well do it here too.
  9. Saying a phone is cheap because it costs nothing compared to a house is like saying a Yacht is cheap compared to an aircraft carrier. I don't want to spend any where near as much on a phone as I do on a house. You can get an excellent phone for £500 and an excellent tablet for £700-800. Then spend the left over £800 on a computer, or a laptop, or a second hand car. Also I think you are overestimating the average amount of money people have, very few people can afford $3k a month, most people earn under that.
  10. Most electronic devices have screens, does that mean they are all just the same thing? You aren't really viewing content in VR, you are IN the content, it's not the same as a monitor because you are essentially in the monitor. I don't really see your point anyway, my original point was that this huge foldable phone doesn't enable you to do anything you couldn't already do, it just maybe allows you to do it a little bit better. VR allows for completely experiences. A lot of VR games are simply not possible on a regular monitor, as they rely on you actually being there (or at least making it look like you are).
  11. They aren't, at least not in the way this phone is. They are an entirely different thing to anything wee have seen before. Three monitors to one monitor is what the Samsung flip is to regular phones. Or one of those 32:9 monitors. VR isn't an add-on or an upgrade to something, it is completely different.
  12. This new phone is like the difference between a monitor and three monitors. The difference between a monitor and a VR headset is like the difference between a Motorola flip phone and an Xs max. Completely different. VR isn't a gimmick because it is a new thing entirely, this is just an expansion to the concept of a phone. The 750Ti can't be used for VR, as an inconsistent framerate will make you incredibly motion sick, and I doubt it would even launch a lot of the games. Maybe beat saber at lowest settings on a DK1 at 40fps, but that is like saying a 2011 dell laptop can run GTa V, technically yes, in reality, no. I never said that their aren't uses for bigger phone, I simply said I hate them and wish they would make them smaller, but I never said there are no advantages to them, just that they're are no advantages to me. Is a bigger screen so you can occasionally show people photos and play some mobile games on the go really worth twice the price of a flagship phone, and four times the price of a normal smart phone which is perfectly good enough? To me it isn't, and I highly highly doubt it will be to many people. Especially when it is badly made as these seem to be.
  13. VR headsets were actually a completely different and new thing though, this seems like a gimmick.
  14. I don't know how bug your pockets are but I can't fit a phone bigger than an iPhone 8 in my pocket without it feeling like it's gonna snap when I sit down. I don't see the point of tablets if they don't have a proper desktop OS, surely then it's just a bigger phone? What could you possibly do on a phone that needs that much screen that you can't just wait till you get home to do? The GPU argument isn't valid for me, as I need a 2070 for VR, so a 750Ti wouldn't work for that. This phone won't enable you to do anything you couldn't already do, it will just make some things easier (although again I can't actually think of anything it would make easier), it would just be an arse to use for normal phone things as far as I can tell. I wish phones were still smaller personally, I have an SE and anything bigger just feels too big considering I only use phones for music and youtube. Also what's the point of putting a screen protector on if you can't take it off again. the point of a screen protector is to take the minor scratches that a screen gets in normally use, so that when you want, you can change the screen protector.
  15. I fail to see the point of a tablet unless it has a desktop OS, and this doesn't. If you have a need for a tablet with a mobile OS, which is basically just a big phone, then sure I guess.