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  • CPU
    i5-8600K (Not OC'ed at the moment)
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z370 Extreme 4
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4 2400 MHz (OC'ed to 2600MHz)
  • GPU
    EVGA Black RTX 2070
  • Case
    Fractal Design Meshify C Light TG
  • Storage
    500GB Samsung Evo 860 SSD, 1TB WD 7200RPM HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA G3 750W Modular
  • Display(s)
    LG Ultrawide 1080p 75Hz and 768P Acer Monitor 60Hz
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 Evo
  • Keyboard
    EagleTec Mechanical
  • Mouse
    Logitech Mouse
  • Sound
    Integrated into motherboard
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Have you made sure your monitor is plugged into your GPU and not your motherboard?
  2. Is it still a problem with modern PSUs? What causes them to break, is it just the electricity constantly discharging and charging.
  3. Aye I know I do it without thinking about it now, is it bad for the PSU to do it? As if it is I'll stop.
  4. Every night I shut down my computer and then turn off the wall socket. Is this safe? Should I be tuning off the PSU before turning off the wall socket, or is this not necessary? There is no particular reason I do this, ever since I got my computer (December) I have just done it every night.
  5. Is this likely to cause the PSU to fry the whole computer? I always switch my computer off at the wall every nigh, don't know why why as just always taught to turn everything off at the wall before going to bed. Is this bad for the PSU as well?
  6. What is the point of 5G? I can't really see a situation in which one would need gigabit internet on their phone? Also aren't Huawei involved in the building of this, if so, I'm never using it lol.
  7. Yes and I stand by those claims? Are you going to pretend windows is a perfect OS? You responded to something that I didn't actually say. I never said MS apps are worse for everyone, you took my quote out of context. And now you say my experience is moot just because you don't agree with it? Your point "all apps are laggy on low end hardware" is just plain wrong as well. There are many lightweight small apps that run fine on low end hardware. Sadly Microsoft apps aren't included in that, obviously there are non Microsoft apps that lag on low end hardware as well, but the ones I use don't (at least most of them don't, there are one or two more intensive ones that do). Note: Don't really see the point of continuing this argument any longer, you are right in what you are saying, as am I, mainly because we are saying two different things, apologies for not wording my earlier posts better.
  8. You said that my computer must lie on the point where normal apps are no longer laggy, but metro apps still are. So surely that does prove my point? Regardless of what I originally said, which was closer to the second one (i.e. On my computer) than the first. How I worded it (which I admit, was poorly) doesn't change the fact that you didn't actually give any response to most of my post. Edit: just looked back at the thread, you actually took my original quote out of context at the start of this discussion. My actual quote was: "In my experience, Windows 10 default apps are very laggy on low end devices," You removed the "in my experience" bit. The point I made that you choose to ignore was about how you said I couldn't make a prediction about the app before using the app. Surely the point of a prediction though is to make it before you test the thing out?
  9. Surely if I have a laptop which is on the line of "Microsoft apps are laggy and others aren't" that proves my point? As overall they are more laggy, because when other apps stop being laggy, they still are? You say that Microsoft apps aren't overall slower, but surely that is your first hand evidence. I don't see why your first hand evidence is more valid than mine. Also you say it's not that complicated, but you did reply with loads of points from what was basically only 1 original simple point that I made. I don't mind that, I'm just saying that saying "it's not that complicated" isn't a counterpoint to anything I said.
  10. How do you get stuff for less than retail value, do you just mean used stuff or like stuff on sale?
  11. I use Opera, as I dislike the look of Chrome, personally think it looks a bit childish and "rounded" at the corners. Opera also has a built in ad blocker. I don't use Edge (old edge) as it is too buggy, it used to always open a new tab halfway through me typing a search so I would have to re type it, stuff like that. Probably won't switch to the new Edge as Opera is good enough, don;t really see what could be improved over Opera for me.
  12. Is it the devs or the publishers normally that want DRM? Although yes I do agree, they don't do it to win over consumer, they do it because they feel they have to.
  13. I'm not pretending anything. Microsoft apps run worse on my laptop than non-microsoft apps. Why would I lie about this? You can repeat the same point over and over again, doesn't change what I am saying. On MY laptop, microsoft apps DO run slower. Again, why would I lie about this?? "BS, There is an endless list of apps of all sizes that run shit on shit hardware. " So my statement is bullshit, yet your statement is just an expansion of mine? You literally said exactly what I said, there are many apps that don't run well on bad hardware, and IN MY EXPERIENCE, Microsoft Apps are part of that list. "That's nice, you have an experience. You seem very insistent to dismiss other peoples experiences simply because you have one. Or as it seems you'd rather just get more technically and try to push the definition of shit hardware further to maintain your point." - I'm not dismissing anyone';s experience, you are dismissing mine. I have explicitly stated numerous times that this is IN MY EXPERIENCE. The next bit you just read wrong. I was talking about my statement "it can be decent at best and bad at worst", which you dismissed as apparently I need to have used it to make a prediction? That's not how predictions work but alight I guess. I would like you to point out the exact in context quote where I said everyone's experience is the same as mine. I didn't say that. I am talking from my experience, as everyone else on every does on forums. On MY laptop, and to an extent MY desktop, the windows metro apps run noticeably slower than non-metro apps. I'm not "hating" on Microsoft, as Windows Media Player and the older windows apps "e.g. paint and snipping tool" run fine as well. You keep saying "shit computer run everything slowly", well, my desktop has a 6 core i5, I think we can agree that isn't shit? And on my desktop, the apps aren't as laggy as on my laptop, but there is still a noticeable difference between the speed of Metro Apps and non-Metro apps. It's only about half a second more time, but that is significant considering they load in about a second. Another important thing to note is when I say laggy, I mean lag that affects the usability. I am not simply referring to the loading times for them. Obviously my Opera browser does open faster on my i5 desktop than my laptop, maybe that is where the confusion occurred, apologies for not clarifying that better. By "lag" I mean a pause between clicking something and it registering, or the click sometimes not registering, or the app crashing or freezing often, things like that. Based on the anecdotal evidence from both of us so far, Metro apps either run worse than normal apps, or about the same, so they still aren't great. (Also as a sidenote it's not just one single experience I am basing my opinion off, my current desktop, current laptop and old laptop all have the same problem with Metro apps, and I have had complaints from numerous friends about them running slower as well. They also run slower on the computers in my workplace, I know that doesn't really count for anything, I just thought I'd add it in so it's clear that there isn't a problem with my laptop or something, this (from my perspective) is a universal problem.) Things like opening the start menu as well, it isn't instant like it used to be on Windows 7 and before. It has a bit of a delay to it, as does the notification centre thing (the thing that opens on the right, not sure what it's called, you open it by pressing Windows and A). I do understand your point, my evidence is just from me, not from anywhere else, but is your not the same? Maybe it is just me and my friends got unlucky and nobody else has this problem, I'm not sure. I'm not just taking shots at Microsoft because I don't like them. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of there's, but I do like Windows, and non of this stuff really bothers me, as I can just ignore the Metro Apps, I don;t like there design anyway, I just thought this was an interesting observation considering the topic of the thread.
  14. You are likely right, I can't honestly claim that I follow AAA game news very closely, having little interest in them myself, but I recall seeing articles about how the amount of Piracy of the Wicher 3 was lower than other games with DRM, I might be wrong though. However I still don't support DRM, it hurts consumers for a most likely minor gain on the companies side, whilst treating all the people who actually bought the game like they are criminals.
  15. I have an Asus Laptop that cost £200, it has an AMD E2. If I use my browser on it (Opera), it runs fine. It doesn't open as fast as on my main PC, obviously, but it does work and doesn't lag. Steam open fine and doesn't lag at all, unless you are downloading loads of stuff or have a game open, and things like XN View image viewer and Widnows Media Player all work fine. I haven't tried all of the metro apps, but Edge is really laggy and browser tab are always reopening when I am typing in them, The mail app will often stick on the bootup screen where it just shows the icon, the Microsoft store is quite laggy to use (not unusable, but annoying), and the Metro photos app is always very laggy when it opens. I don;t really see why you seem to think everything has to lag on a low end device? Your last statement just doesn't make sense, of course people would still buy better hardware, do you think people only buy better hardware so windows apps aren't as laggy? Of course there will be a lot of non Windows Apps that lag on slower hardware, but they will be higher end things, like photoshop, premier and intensive games. I am talking about the kind of program the everyday user will use, and in my experience, the Windows metro ones run much worse than the non Windows Metro ones. You mentioned all apps run worse on low end devices, which probably just means your "low end" device is more low end than my "low end" device, but I know for a fact that on my device, Windows Metro apps run worse. What reason do I have to lie about this? I did actually edit my comment after having used the app, but I guess you chose to ignore that. And my statement before was a general statement covering what I see as the two possibilities for it: It could either be just as good as the snipping tool app, or it could be worse, I don't see where you take issue with that, surely that covers literally every state the app could be in. I wasn't saying what the app would be like, I was listing the possibilities that it could be like. And having used it, it seems to fall into the "just as good but no better therefore a waste of time" category. Explain to me again what you problem was with my original statement? I literally said it can EITHER be as good as snipping tool, or it can be worse, I don't see how I needed to have used it to make that statement. By your logic people aren't allowed to make predictions until they have used the thing, in which case it would no longer be a prediction. "So clearly you just want to make shit posts about MS." TIL putting my opinion forward on certain flaws with there OS is "making shit posts". I apologise that your opinion is better than mine? I'm not "hating" on Microsoft just because I think there are some flaws with there Operating System, there is such a thing as criticism. "If you don't like it don't use it, you aren't the only user in the world." You seem to be getting annoyed at me for complaining about a minor thing Microsoft did on a thread about a minor thing Microsoft did. I'm ridiculously angry because paint and snipping tool changed, I just thought it was a relevant point to bring up on this thread.