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  1. Ye I Know, and it works, but I really wanna do something different. Thanks anyway, much appreciated.
  2. VMBRA_

    Evolv Shift Hardline Build

    Hello, I also want to make a build with this case. Have you guys figured out how to put everything inside it? If you did please send pictures/videos.
  3. Hello guys I am trying to figure out wich parts from EKWB (or maybe some other brand) should I use to make possible to watercool a system inside the following case. http://www.phanteks.com/Enthoo-Evolv-Shift.html The Idea is carry that mini ITX case between places because I think it's bigger sister is too much. So I was thinking on using these parts: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-velocity-d-rgb-nickel-acetal 1x or 2x (to cool GPU maybe if it is possible) https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-coolstream-se-120-slim-single-5000 I won't make the GPU part of the loop just yet, because I am waiting until July to change it if something good comes up. The issue is. I dont know wich pump/res combo I should use that fits in there, that is compatible with those mentioned above parts. Now, one thing I know it's possible is using this Reservoir combo unit from phanteks http://www.phanteks.com/PH-R160.html The problem with this is that it comes with a ddc pump, and I wanted to use a D5 (Read that DDC overheat a lot) If there are any EKWB compatible this is an option for me. And before anyone tells me this is impossible please watch this: There is also: http://www.barrowint.com/index.php/article/1099.html but With this one I need to run a pump separate from it. And last (this would be the best option if it Fits) I was trying to figure if I could run one of these: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xres-140-revo-d5-rgb-pwm-incl-sl-pump changing the tube with a shorter one https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-res-x3-tube-110-64mm Please help me figure this out, I would appreciate all help that I can have.
  4. VMBRA_

    I need some advice on a monitor.

    Ooh, well to solve that resolution issue u have WSGF. http://www.wsgf.org/ I think I will buy a GSync widescreen from ASUS tbh.
  5. Hello, I need some advice on a G-Sync, ultrawide monitor and wich resolution sould I go for. So, shall I go for 3440x1440 or 2560x1080? I ask this because 3440x1440 might be a bit more expensive than 2560x1080 in everything, both the Horsepower (GPU), and the actual monitor. I need advice on good monitors for both resolutions.
  6. Not actually, but I want to hear people's thoughts about price/performance rating. after reading some comments I will make my shopping.
  7. Ok, so I changed my mind, and I might be going for a G-Sync monitor. Because GPU will be NVidia. So as for Ultrawide resolution, wich one should I aim for? 3440x1440 or 2560x1080. the thing is: 3440x1440 might need a Very costly GPU and Monitor, whereas the 2560x1080 might not.
  8. I am trying to choose wich Ram would be the best for my gaming build and I read some topics where I found that higher clock ram speeds won't work really well on the 8700k. This article: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Intel/Core_i7_8700K_Coffee_Lake_Memory_Performance_Benchmark_Analysis/9.html the article dates to Oct 12th, 2017, so in the meantime much things have ocurred on those matters (or maybe not). So I wanted to know if Should I go with a 3000mhz kit, a 2666Mhz kit or even another one. By the way, I will be using trident Z's with RGB, the only thing I am looking is for optimal clock speeds and timings that I should look for.
  9. VMBRA_

    Looking for Cooler

    nope it doesn't. The thing is, I got Distracted and didn't noticed the "i" at the time of purchase. Bad thing about brands is a lot of names look the same. (Still figuring excuses for my distraction). The good thing is: I didnt opened the package yet because it arrived at home, but I am not in there atm. So it's contents were not even Opened.
  10. VMBRA_

    Looking for Cooler

    By the way I will send the board back and get a replacement, because I figured I bought the wrong one (when I read again the comment from ESAT wich said: "With that mini-motherboard you don't have luxury of moving DIMMs to other pair of slots."), then I thought wtf? I have four slots. And went to check the specs of the motherboard I bought, and realised I fucked up. My Original plan was to buy the Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon.
  11. VMBRA_

    Looking for Cooler

    I just bought the cryorig H7, wich seems to fit even mini itx Motherboards... Picture below is an example. It's a temporary solution, since later this year i'll be moving to a EKWB CPU + GPU cooling loop (just waiting for NVidia new series to release). But thank you and everyone for the suggestions Oh also... The case has upper fan mounts for 2 fans
  12. VMBRA_

    Looking for Cooler

    I am using the MSI Z370i Gaming Pro Carbon MB and Will use 2x8GB tridentZ 3200 cl14 with rgb, the case is a InWin 805c.
  13. VMBRA_

    Looking for Cooler

    Thank you You were very helpful, thumbs up
  14. VMBRA_

    Looking for Cooler

    wich one of them? the deepcool or the coolermaster one?