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    Biking, Maths, Elektronics
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    Industrial technician


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    Intel® Xeon X5650
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    MSI X58 Pro
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    Kingston 16 GB
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    Sapphire R9 380 Nitro 4GB
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    DIY Test Bench
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    Kingston A400 120 GB | Samsung PM871 128 GB
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    AOC G2460PF 144Hz
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    Custom Chiller loop
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    Logitech G413 Silver
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    Roccat Leadr | Roccat Kova | Logitech G603
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    Soundblaster Z
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Hello, Whats the most powerful pc powersupply available atm. (excluding server psu's)
  2. Hello, I already asked 2 questions about a problem with my X58 Pro E and Xeon X5650 (Couldnt boot from ssd but from hdd). The problem: If i try to install on OS from my stick it freezes. I updated the BIOS yesterday to the "latest" (2011) version and i noticed that i still cant install windows. Then i tried linux and this also didnt worked. I could boot fine from my hdd but after the bios update i get an error message (inaccessible boot device). MSI X58 Pro E X5650 @stock speed i know that the hardware isnt the problem
  3. Ill try both. Do you maybe have an idea why the install wont continue?
  4. Hello, I can't install windows on my "new" system. My system boots fine from my hdd (windows 10 64bit) but it does not boot from my ssd (same os). Then i tried to reinstall windows on that ssd via usb stick. it boots from the stick but freezes on the windows logo (with no moving points). i tried windows 10 64bit and 32bit. nothing worked. Maybe Windows 10 is to "new" for the board? Specs: MSI X58 Pro E Xeon X5650
  5. Yes the windows install was used on a different pc. but the hdd windows aswell
  6. The windows install on that SSD is as fresh as my underwear
  7. Hey Guys, Just got my MSI X58 Pro-E Board and the Xeon X5650. After I got the system to post, I tried to boot from my SSD with windows 10 installed. The system detected it as a drive but i couldnt boot from it (Please select a proper boot device bla bla). Then i tried my Hdd with the same windows install and it work fine.
  8. Hello Community, I'm going to build a pc around the Thermaltake Core P3 Case. This case only features a single 360mm radiator mount. I'm going to install this components: Threadripper 1920X (180 watt) 2x MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 AIR BOOST (210 watts each) Thats a total power consumption of 600 watts. Would a 360mm rad be enough for that? Thanks
  9. Hello Guys, I was playing CS:GO with my sister when her PC suddenly crashed. She reconnected to TeamSpeak and told me that her PC crashed without any reason. 3 seconds later she disconnected again from TeamSpeak. This time i got a call from her and I was told that her PC isn't starting anymore. I visited her the day after and brought my equipment with me (Screwdrivers, A new FX CPU, some ram sticks and thermal paste). At first I checked the power supply. And there it is. A fully blown capacitor inside a cheap chinese 300 Watt unit. I tried to start the PC with my power supply but nothing happened. I took the components with me and checked them at home. The motherboard, gpu, soundcard and cpu where broken. Except for the ram sticks which worked perfectly fine in my system. I was only interested to fix the gpu (MSI R7 260X). Is it possible to fix the gpu? Which components on it could be broken? And are they replaceable? Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english
  10. Nah, thanks for the offer but I guess it's cheaper for me to just buy one of ebay for 20 bucks or so. But thanks dude