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  1. So home depot would have rubber pads? Would those anti sliding furniture pads work?
  2. When i initially turn it on its near silent. Im also going to be setting everything to silent profile. So im thinking maybe just get rubber Pad to put it on? That should help out a lot right?
  3. Also i think the pump is running at 100% right now because its just connected to a molex. It is pwm enabled but since its not connected to mobo, it should be running at max right?
  4. Do you happen to have an example of what you mean?
  5. I uploaded a picture. The vibrations and noise, when pump is running at 100% are pretty loud, so i want to try and dampen it as much as possible. Also i think the air bubbles are difficult because the 360 rad is in an awkward position.
  6. Im thinking its the air bubbles that are increasing the noise with my pump. Also any idea where i can get like a 4x4 of anti vibration material?
  7. Just trying to figure out a great method, idk why there is so much air stuck in here
  8. So im trying to bleed my loop but its proving more difficult with a 45mm thick 360 rad and a 240 rad. Is there some way to make it a lot easier to get those air pockets out?
  9. Do you think its possible the vibrations are due to the way ive mounted it?
  10. Yea the water ends up running along the side with how it is tilted. Is there something i can buy to install it in there?
  11. Could it be the way im mounting the pump? Or more likely air?
  12. What do you mean internal pipe? My res has a tube that goes in the top to hold me led strip.
  13. Im noticing that my pump vibrates a lot, dont really know why. Im going to get some kind of anti vibration mat, but can it damage hardware?
  14. I also see bubbles in the flex tubing, how can i get those to move along?
  15. Here is a picture, excuse the towels and cables everywhere.
  16. Im seeing a lot of bubbles in the res. I moved the case some to try and get more water to go into the upper radiator. I have a 45mm thick 360 rad on top and a slim 240 in the front. I saw more bubbles in the res when i did that. Only problem is when i go to top the res off after i turn it off is that my res gets full. Any idea why?
  17. When i bleed system i leave lid off reservoir right?
  18. I just let it run right? Do i cover everything or let completely close the reservoir?
  19. I just installed new d5 pump and res in a new case so im bleeding it right now and leak testing
  20. Will a d5 pump make noise if air is being introduced to the loop?
  21. So you do not suggest the pump i was looking at?
  22. So what would be a d5 pump you recommend? I was going to get the res from bykski because i like the design. But i also want a good pump. Im thinking im not getting near enough flow in my loop having a gpu block , cpu block, 45mm thick 360 rad and a slim 240 rad
  23. Im upgrading from a little ekwb spc xres 100 ddc pump res combo. So im pretty sure its still a shit ton better haha
  24. Does this make it less reliable? So the one in the center is the inlet and the two on the outer part of the plexi is outlet?
  25. So im looking at this d5 pump top with plexi. How do i know which one is the inlet and which is the outlet. I want to have my res connect to it first and then push the liquid to the gpu. Here is the link. https://www.bykski.us/products/bykski-d5-liquid-cooling-12v-pump-pwm-enabled-black-b-pms5-nx?variant=23153092329572