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    Maple #8762
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    Computers, software, hardware, databases, gaming, esports
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    I'm the Discord manager for Gankstars, an esports organization currently playing in H1PL, Paladins PGS, Fortnite, Critical Ops, & PUBGm
  • Occupation
    Discord Manager, Data MGMT Intern


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 1300X
  • Motherboard
    ASRocks Pro4
  • RAM
    8GB HyperX Fury 2400MHz
  • GPU
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define Mini C
  • Storage
    256GB WD Black NVMe SSD, 64GB M.2, 256GB Samsung SSD, 1TB WD eHDD
  • PSU
    SeaSonic 620W Bronze
  • Display(s)
    2x Acer 21.5" 1080p displays, 720p Sanyo TV
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    G710+ w/ Cherry Blues, CM QFR TKL w/ Blues
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder Chroma, Logitech G602
  • Sound
    AudioTechnica ATH-M30s, Cambridge Soundworks system
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Education
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  1. Tsar_Maple

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    A bit late on reply, but yeah my 710+ has Blues. Not sure how, but it does
  2. Tsar_Maple

    NZXT Motherboard is fine but no display output?

    Additional info: I was helping Alpha with this last night on Discord. His GPU fans were spinning up and his RAM and AIO were lighting up as well. Figured that if it was a GPU issue, plugging into the mobo for output would figure out that issue as his 8700K has that iGPU. But neither are working. He also plugged in the same monitor cable into his MBP and it worked fine, so it's not a cable issue. We tried reslotting the GPU which didn't make any difference either unfortunately. If it were a motherboard issue, it seems like his keyboard/mouse wouldn't be responding either, unless somehow there was a short on just the display ports? Still wouldn't make sense that neither GPU nor mobo output are detecting the monitor.
  3. Tsar_Maple

    Microphone doesnt work

    unplug and replug, always a good thing to try
  4. Tsar_Maple

    Microphone doesnt work

    I don't think you understand what I'm saying Open your computer and see if the USB header cables are properly connected to the motherboard https://www.quora.com/What-are-USB-headers
  5. Tsar_Maple

    Microphone doesnt work

    I mean the USB headers might not be connected properly to the motherboard itself, not the USB port
  6. Tsar_Maple

    How to organize storage

    SSD: boot, stuff you use a lot, stuff that requires fast read/write speeds (rendering programs). I keep my Chrome, Steam, OBS, and editing software on my SSD for my use case. You should probably put your heavy applications on here. HDD: low read/write stuff, storing files from your programs, games should be ok in here (though I recommend upgrading that 5400rpm HDD to a 7200 as fast as possible, 5400 crawls)
  7. Tsar_Maple

    Microphone doesnt work

    Given that both devices you listed are USB, maybe one of your USB headers isn't plugged in properly?
  8. That speed will be fine! And you can overclock the RAM after you get it without any worries as well I haven't even OC'd my 2400 and it's doing great (just been too lazy to config the settings)
  9. Using 2400MHz for my 1300X currently, but Ryzen benefits from higher clock speeds. 3000MHz base would probably be good to buy. I personally like HyperX Fury the most, but as stated by @MiNy, Cosair Vengeance is good as well (usually a bit pricier though)
  10. I can't tell if this is a troll at this point... PSUs do not connect to laptop motherboards. Laptop motherboards cannot fit the formfactor that desktop motherboards fit in towers. And coolers need to be hard pressed against the CPU to cool it. Again, why not just build a desktop
  11. I've seen articles saying to not to. Apparently companies don't always use the same connections for their own units, and connecting improper cables can kill your components. I don't think it's worth the risk. Contact your shop and ask if the PSU was supposed to come with cables, doesn't make sense that it wouldn't come with any...
  12. Tsar_Maple

    Planning a new pc, FIRST TIMER !!

    SLI is more dependent on the motherboard's spacing, especially when you get into big cases like the one you listed. It looks like you could easily put 2 cards in there, but you just need to make sure the cards won't block each other (big fan shroud cards =/= no bueno for SLI). There are low profile cards you can get that will help address this, usually being blower-styled or water cooled. Here's an example: https://babeltechreviews.com/gtx-1080-ti-sli-performance-25-games/
  13. Tsar_Maple

    Planning a new pc, FIRST TIMER !!

    Looks good! I'd recommend some additional storage as that M.2 will fill up quick between your game library and video content. Additional HDD or SSD would be good. (Samsung is great for SSDs, Western Digital is great for SSDs (SanDisk is owned by them) and HDDs) ps: make sure to get some RGB strips for additional FPS
  14. Tsar_Maple

    GPU thermal paste

    Mayo if you're feeling lucky