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    Function OVER Form.
    Anti-Apple, Anti-RED because they are anti-consumer and expect you to accept Programmed Obsolecence.
    I really hate RGB on computers.
    What I love is a whole different matter and not important right now.
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  1. Because I'm about to buy a new rig, a desktop for about 1300 ~ 1800 €uros for gaming (monitor included, 2K would be perfect). I would love to see Linus take on the best assembly without RGB nonsense, quiet and 120 Hz ready, peaking true 120 fps in most of the following: - Starcraft 2 - Overwatch - CS:GO - TF2 - GTA 5 - DiRT4 - Crysis - Unreal Tournament - PubG - Rust ... I said "most" of them at
  2. This looks like something very useful, for whom travels a lot and requires color acuracy or gaming to pass time. Come to think of it, probably Edzel Yago and Brandon Lee would be fans of this or the 4K monitor. Not too sure the 17.3" size is sufficient though.
  3. That may be useful, but come on... it's USB 2.0! Not worth it. Sorry bro
  4. Hi guys, For context: > I recently moved DCIM folder from my Phone Memory (Samsung S9 G960) onto Desktop (Windows 10 Home). > I was going to backup it onto my external drive, which is offline as much as possible. > Somehow, deleting other folders with FLAC files I already pasted onto my phones memory card, I deleted that one too. I already know Recuva (Windows), but it rendered useless. My rig is Lenovo Y520 w/ 500 GB SAMSUNG MZVLW512HMJP-000L2 I'm not copying any more files onto my drive or phone until I recover that whole folder. Thanks for the help... > also mods, I've searched for such a topic and found little to this concern.
  5. And no one will care for the larger/heavier specs, 'cause they will be able to make more money out of it. Unless they have osteoporosis, sliped discs or other medical condition that makes ALL the difference in the world to justify purchasing a scam.
  6. Perhaps we all should ask any other brand to build and sell a computer, overpricing it, and all the top-notch specs and no thermal-engineering so it can't make use of all the hardware you cram in it. Perhaps if another manufacture does that avg123 will sleep again. No respectful manufacturer would sell a top-notch computer for productivity, constantly pushing the crap out of it like Video Encoding and other computing-intensive applications. Apple did not made that laptop for gaming. It's for Pros. It's for Business. It's not for fooling around... and specially it's not for opening some Facebook Pages, Porn and occasionally some Spreadsheets. Edit: Looks like Gigabyte Aero 15X, using the same Intel Core i9 8950HK can't reach top Turbo Speeds without throttling,but at least it surpasses it's baseline speed. AND this computer is deemed for gaming. Since no thermal solution was included in the design of that computer, there is no Recall program to replace parts that can fix this issue. Apple will have to bite the bullet and Refund all customers. Maybe then they can save their face, although I think that their Hipster-arrogant-mentality will not go away and thus someday Apple will render worthless instead of the Billions the Stock Exchange bets they are worth. If I had stock on Apple, I would have sold them yesterday with no thought given. Not because of panic, but because this is the beginning of the end. How long? It's a matter of time...
  7. My thoughts on that new laptop from Apple: It's a scam. It can be 15% faster as Marques Brownlee showed in his video today, but it's criminal selling a product that is announced to get at 4.8 Ghz as a feature, when you can only use it for 5 seconds at most?? Someone should sue Apple for initiating a scam-sell like this. And furthermore... the Intel processor included is sold as being unlocked. What good is it for? To get 1 second instead of 5 ? It's abominable, and it'll be ilucidative to clear out who is a fanboy and mindless... and who is a White Knight for Apple. APPLE and Anyone that buys their products... let's just say that all I have to say infringes this Forums Policy, so I'm not gonna say it.
  8. With so many features being subjective, that is rather difficult. Maybe a Top 5 for each Quarter of the year? I like the idea, and perhaps it could be a TechLinked series.
  9. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Sh*t manufactureres say, or A never noticed great product?
  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 (not +) and also been relutant to get "Liquid Screen Protector" because it doesn't make any sense, and like you, I haven't read or watched any positive and reliable review. Also, I haven't searched for long. I have a original Samsung ClearView case, and thus, have been using it and DBrand skins to enhance resistence, and it's a good-enough combo for me, at the moment. Sure hope this kind of products get desmistified from Linus, in probably a video of the segment "Sh*t manufacturers say".
  12. DBrand could skin it and sponsor that review. Also, I bet that this laptop -- which is €1000 more cheaper -- could beat the new Apple MacBook Pro thermal-throtlling BS if converted into a Hackintosh. LMG here's a 1M views video....
  13. Wow!!! This product is a nice inspiration for a great DIY. It's basically a static-wall-heater-panel with 4 legs...
  14. That product is no longer available to buy from the manufacturer or other stores. But finding a similar one would be a great video review... to contrast and making a point that the "new" thermal-throtling-Apple-MacBook-Pro-more-overpriced-than-ever is BS!! Perhaps... it would be a funny video grabing a laptop for video-encoding/editing for 1/2 the price, making it a Hackintosh and beating in Cinebench and Prime95, as well as Adobe Premier. Perhaps, bashing on Apple (which is more than deserved), making several Hackingtoshes with several laptops that are more spec-powerfull and less expensive. Like Intel and AMD computers
  15. Any device with Windows 10 Home is automatically out of any of my lists. It's unrespectfull for manufactureres and Microsoft it self to push a non-networking OS in 2018!