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  1. Why Do we all hate Apple?

    Apple locks you into its ecosystem with overpriced, overrated, un-repairable products that use invasive programs and OS. The legion of idiots who swear by the idiotic "expensive brand = quality" is just a cherry on top. EDIT: I used an ipod mp3 player for some years, and an iphone 4 for about a year. This is what I personally hated about it and why I'll never buy another one: - can't access my files on it the way I can access them on android - have to access my files via the horrible itunes program that decides what files I can and can't copy to my phone and is annoying to use - itunes actually hijacks my computer virus-style and actually tries to prevent me from doing stuff like downloading torrents - iOS is rigid and nowhere near as customizable as android - itunes is godawful To top it all off, the iPhone 4 wasn't actually any better or faster than equivalent android phones as far as I could tell. I think maybe it was a bit more stable? Not that android is unstable, from my experience, unless you're using a really really really crappy one.
  2. PC tripping circuit breaker, suspect dead PSU

    So it's the good news. I bought a Seasonic M12II PSU (my first modular PSU <3) and it seems the rest of my components are working fine (I guess I'll know for sure after I've been using them for a few days). It has a nice 5 year warranty, so that's cool too. All is well that ends well, I guess.
  3. PC tripping circuit breaker, suspect dead PSU

    That's the weird part. I have some 700W Black Pearl power supply that's apparently a test model power supply by cooler master that a friend who built my computer probably got for me in some sketchy way (I live in Serbia, this kinda hardware makes its way here). It's served me well for 5 years now, and what I think screwed it up is a huge power outage my neighborhood had a few days ago. Guess I'll go shopping and hope for the best.
  4. So today, after a year of working just fine while plugged in this particular wall socket, my PC abruptly shut off while gaming. Turned out the circuit breaker had tripped. I tried tripping it back on, but it kept going back down. - I tried two different PSU power cables, but it didn't help. - I tried different extension cable, didn't help. - I tried plugging the PSU power cable into a different socket, and that socket's circuit breaker tripped as well. - Finally, I unplugged the PSU power cable out of the wall completely and left just the monitor and the speaker plugged in - this didn't trip the circuit breaker. - Even after I added the vacuum cleaner to the monitor/speaker mix, everything worked fine. So, is there anything I haven't tried, or should I go shopping for a new PSU? I sadly don't have another PSU to test with.
  5. I want to make an off-site storage computer to backup important files. This machine would be offline/shut down most of the time, and I'd only really turn it on when I needed to manually update the backed-up files and/or add new ones. I would be assembling it out of some really old computer parts. We're talking 10+ years old motherboard and processor. No more than 1GB of DDR1 RAM, if that. I need a super light Linux distro that would run reasonably well on such a machine. It has to have a graphical interface and be easy to use for a Linux noob like me. My current favorite is Lubuntu. I also tried Puppy and Bodhi, but I hated those. Any other, lesser-known ancient computer-friendly distro I should check out? I can test them all in virtual machine, I just need to be pointed in the right direction.
  6. Post Custom Desktop

    Gaming computer. Good catch!
  7. For gaming? None. Windows is THE gaming OS. Linux is better only if you need a more lightweight OS for a media machine (watching video, music, surfing the net, etc.) or you're a programmer and/or you need it for a server and/or something specialized like that.
  8. Linux users! Why Linux?

    Thanks. I'm gonna give it a try.
  9. Linux users! Why Linux?

    Turns out Linux Mint Xfce can't really integrate with Google Cloud Print, which I use on a weekly basis. Or rather, SUPPOSEDLY it can connect to it via CUPS servers or something (never heard of CUPS servers before today when I tried to make Google Cloud Print work with Linux Office & Image suites), but there are like 15 guides online on how to do it and none of them work for me. In the end I just said screw it and just printed out the documents by mailing them to myself via Gmail and google-cloud-printing them out of Chromium. Also, despite choosing the option to have my Mint installer get all the necessary multimedia playback codecs and whatnot for me, I still had to download various codecs manually and try out different versions of video players to get all the video/music files to work. Also, Mint sucks with battery life. Win10 could keep my laptop battery going for like 3-4 hours if I turned brightness down, whereas Mint can barely get 2h out of it. On the bright side, Mint does seem to have sped up my laptop about 10-15%. Chromium still absolutely destroys its performance though once it really starts chewing RAM.
  10. What happened to SteamOS?

    It was dead on arrival... ...as would be expected of a Linux-based gaming OS that can't run most games and lacks attractive exclusives. Frankly, I've no idea WTF they were thinking.
  11. Linux users! Why Linux?

    Well then, this forum inspired me to start tinkering with Linux again. After using Linux Mint Xfce for a few days in VirtualBox, I decided to take the plunge and install it on my crappy laptop. I use the laptop for internet surfing, writing in LibreOffice, watching movies, listening to music, downloading torrents, etc., but its crappy specs (integrated intel graphics, 2gb ddr3, shoddy build) often struggle with Windows 10, with CPU usage often maxing out even during these simple operations. Hopefully, Mint Xfce will serve my laptop well, and I'll come here to cry if it turns out to be a bad idea.
  12. Linux users! Why Linux?

    I've been told Tails OS and some other Linux distros are a great way to stay anonymous on the internet. I don't really do anything online that would require me to stay anonymous, of course, but it's nice to know I have the option and the know-how to do it if I wanted. EDIT: I'm also guessing Linux is the better/lighter OS for people who don't play games and only really need a media machine to watch movies, surf the net, listen to music, etc.
  13. Why do people buy iPhones?

    iPhones are very expensive. Therefore, social status. Also, unlike Android, iPhone software is much harder to accidentally break.
  14. You should follow the way of the Linus and browse sketchy websites via virtual machine.
  15. Guys, windows 10 is free. I just did a fresh Win10 install today, and it's free. You don't need a licence. However, if you don't buy a licence, a lot of the customization options (changing colors, background, etc.) are greyed out and unavailable. There's also a watermark and it occasionally nags you to activate it. However, the OS itself works perfectly fine despite this. EDIT: Also, win10 pro is like 6$ on ebay from sellers with a billion sold units and 99% positive reviews. It's pretty much as cheap as it can get.