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  1. Giganthrax

    Diablo 4 for mobile

    Look how they massacred my boy...
  2. Giganthrax

    Should I finally get Fortnite?

    They are completely different types of building. In Fortnite, building is something you do effortlessly, quickly, and in-combat. It's basically like a magic ability. Also, game is free so why not? I personally thought the game was okay, but didn't like the building.
  3. So this is what happens sometimes: I power up the computer. I pass the Windows loading screen, then I get to the ASUS logo that has the little loading circle under it (this appears before Win10 appears). This loading circle freezes up and Windows doesn't boot. At this point, I have to use the restart button, and Windows boots normally. This has happened to me twice in the last 2 weeks or so. I have: Ryzen 1600x overclocked to 4.0ghz (stable overclock) X370 Pro 16 gigs of 3200mhz memory working at 2933mhz (only DOCP settings that worked as I suck at overclocking) 860 Samsung EVO Seasonic MII12 620W GTX 1070 8gb Malwarebytes and Win10 Defender detect no nasties. The system is perfectly stable and works fine aside from this occasional Win10 boot freeze. I intend to buy a bigger SSD and switch the old SSD to my laptop next month, so that'll be a clean Windows 10 installation right there, but I wonder if there's something else I should check out? Would running memtest86 overnight point out if it was a RAM problem?
  4. Giganthrax

    40+ Hour Games

    Oh boy. I'll list some of the ones I played in the past 2-3 years, and I assume you mean singleplayer campaigns. Pillars of Eternity Witcher 3 Tyranny (did 3 playthroughs though) Tower of Time Pathfinder Kingmaker (game is weak, however) Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 Far Cry 3, 4, 5, Primal (they generally take 30-40+ hours) Skyrim Mad Max Nioh Stellaris EDIT: As for multiplayer: Overwatch Quake Champions Heroes of the Storm WoW StarCraft 1 & 2 Warface Dark Souls 3 arena/invasions
  5. Giganthrax

    Black ops 4 pc

    Call of Duty is never worth it... ...Unless you really really really really want to play CoD Battle Royale, which I heard is pretty decent.
  6. Put nothing in there. Keep it free for a future custom water loop, if that's what you're into. On a related note, that's one of the reason I prefer having hard disk racks there. It just looks so much more awesome and techy to see a tall stack of harddisks in there.
  7. Giganthrax

    How important are cosmetics to you?

    I love good cosmetics, but no, I'm not OCD about them. In fact, while I appreciate the "brand new" look, I do not mind items that I've owned for a while showing signs of being used, and would certainly not obsess about minor details like a little scratch.
  8. I once got a crappy thermos from some luck game they entered me into automatically.
  9. Giganthrax

    75hz monitor & games weirdness

    Thanks for the explanation on how to set it. It indeed offers me 75hz in the monitor properties, so I set it. We'll see if I get any screen tearing now.
  10. Giganthrax

    75hz monitor & games weirdness

    Yeah, I thought 60 was native too. But then why do some games set vsync framerate to 75fps?
  11. Giganthrax

    75hz monitor & games weirdness

    Hello, monitor noob here. I have a ViewSonic VX2457-mhd 24" 1080p monitor. The specs for this monitor state that it has a HDMI input signal of 47 ~ 75hz, which I think means that this monitor can output 75 fps over HDMI. This is reflected in certain games like Dying Light and Sinner Sacrifice for Redemption that automatically set the refresh rate to 75 fps when I turn on v-sync. However, a number of other games (Quake Champions, Killing Floor 2, and World War 3) set the game on 60fps with vsync. Overwatch is even weirder - it sets the vsync on 60, but the display based framerate option sets to 85 in-game (which happens to be at 83hz which is what the VGA input gives, even though my monitor is connected via HDMI). On the other hand, when I turn off vsync for Quake and Overwatch and manually set the framerate to 75fps max, it runs fine with no screen tearing that I can see. So what the hell is going on with my monitor and games? Why does the vsync for some games treat it like a 75fps monitor, and the other goes 60? :]
  12. I sometimes get notifications on e-mail telling me that somebody tried to log into my Epic account, which I haven't used since before Fortnite came out when I made it to try out the game. Literally not worth my while to investigate.
  13. Giganthrax

    The Truth About Building Your Own PC

    I'm not from the US so this may be irrelevant, but: How is taking advantage of a prebuilt's warranty any different than taking advantage of the warranties you get for individual components? I mean, I just built me a computer recently. Almost every single component in it has its own warranty. How is that any less good than having a full-computer prebuilt warranty?
  14. Giganthrax

    AMD and AM4, how long?

    Yep. Also, while unlikely, it's not impossible that - if there's demand - there may be further support for the AM4 slot even past 2020. AM4 is a big cash cow for them right now, so it's not totally unimaginable that they may support it in some way even after AM5 rolls out.
  15. Giganthrax

    AMD and AM4, how long?

    https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/04/19/amd-socket-am4-motherboards-support-until-2020/ This means we can look forward to at least another generation of Ryzen (the 3000 gen), and if we're lucky 4000 as well.